Are you a crazy food lover? Do you love to taste different exotic dishes? If your answer is yes, then you should visit Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated countries in the world offers a stunning array of delicacies from street food to Star rated restaurants. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the best foods in Hong Kong which you shouldn’t miss. Be sure to check all the foods as you won’t find these foods anywhere else.

1 – Dim Sum: Drinking tea is an ancient tradition of China and it is common to eat small dishes with tea which are known as dim sum. That is the reason you can find dim sum at various teahouses and it tastes nice with hot tea. There are dozens of Dim Sum dishes ranging from braised chicken feet to porky Siu Mai. It is not only one of the famous dishes in Hong Kong, but eating it is also one of the most fun and delicious food experience you can have. Some of the best restaurants to have Dim Sum are Lin Heung Teahouse, Sam Hui Yat, and Duen Kee Restaurant.

2 – Roast Goose: Soaked in a mix of mystery flavors, of which a few formulas incorporate more than 20 unique flavorings and aromatics and then roasted using charcoal until it gets crispy. You shouldn’t miss Roast Goose in Hong Kong. The crispy meat with juicy skin will make you go mad for the roasted goose. Some of the best restaurants to have Roast Goose are Yat Lok, Kam’s Roast Goose, and Yung Kee.

3 – Roast Pork: It is made from the belly of the pig. It is roasted till the outer part gets crispy and the inner part remains creamy and soft. It is one of the best-roasted meats in Hong Kong. You can find roasted pork in almost every meat corner in the city. It tastes even better if eaten with rice. Some of the best restaurants to have Roast Pork are Yau Wun Roast Meat and Sun Kee.

4 – Char Siu: Just like Roast pork, you can find Char Siu in most of the meat corners throughout the city. It is the Cantonese style of barbeque pork. The pork is soaked in a mixture of hoisin sauce, honey and soy sauce. It tastes sweet. Kwan Yu Roast Meat is one of the best restaurants to have Char Siu.

5 – Pigeon: You can find pigeons hanging outside the restaurants waiting for you to order them. There are two delicious dishes, one is a roasted pigeon, and the other is soy sauce braised pigeon. Both the dishes are fantastic and one of the must eat dishes in Hong Kong. Some of the best places to have it are Lung Wah Hotel and Kwan Yu Roast Meat.

6 – Beef Brisket: Lots of restaurants serve beef brisket, tenderly stewed in a variety of Chinese herbs and spices until utterly tender perfection. It is served with a variety of different noodles or in a soup. Kau Kee Restaurant serves amazing brisket.

7 – Clay Pot Rice: You already might have got some idea by reading the name. The rice is cooked within a clay pot combined with other ingredients such as chicken or pork. The fragrant crunchy rice that you get on the edges of the clay pot is a must eat. One of the best restaurants to eat clay pot rice is Four Seasons Clay Pot Rice.

8 – Pork Chop: Pork Chop Rice as well as Pork Chop Noodles, both tastes delicious. Pork Chop is fried in oil and then served with rice or noodles. There are lots of good restaurants to eat a pork chop. You can even eat pork chop at the outdoor stalls in the market.

9 – Seafood: Seafood fried with fermented black bean sauce is something you don’t want to miss. Black bean sauce tastes similar to oyster sauce, but with a sharper saltiness and is preserved for a short span of time. Clams taste even better when fried with black bean sauce. Tung Po restaurant is one of the best restaurants to have seafood in Hong Kong.

10 – Braised Gai-Lan: A Cantonese dish, gai-lan or eggplant is flavored with Cantonese salted fish, minced pork, and lots of garlic and chilies. Eggplant is soaked in oil and when eaten with hot rice, it tastes amazing. You can find various restaurants which serve amazing braised gai lan in Wan Chai.

11 – Steamed Fish: Again a Cantonese dish, steamed fish is prepared with fresh fish combined with ginger, onions, and soy sauce or black bean sauce. You can also prepare this at your home. Some of the best places to have steamed fish are Wing Kee restaurant and Aberdeen Fish Market Yee Hope Seafood Restaurant.

12 – Tofu Pudding: It is a desert. It is extremely soft and silky. The desert is either topped with sweet syrup or ginger. You can get Tofu pudding in dim sum restaurants. Just like Tofu Pudding, steamed milk is also one of the famous deserts in Hong Kong. Some of the best restaurants to have tofu pudding are Duen Kee restaurant and Kung Wo Dou Ban Chong and some of the best places to have steamed milk are Yee Shun Milk Company and Australia Dairy Company.

Bonus: Hong Kong milk tea/ lemon tea: Hong Kong milk tea is basically, black tea mixed with lots of condensed milk. If you don’t love sweet milk tea then you should give lemon tea a try. You mash down fresh slices of lemon in your black tea before drinking.


From Chinese dishes to Western dishes, Hong Kong is a food paradise where you will enjoy some of the best foods of your life. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to dine in this food heaven. With a number of Michelin Starred restaurants to street foods, Hong Kong food will amaze you with its taste and varieties.