The most important question that one is faced with before a trip is ‘Where Will we stay?’ It doesn’t matter whether it is a business trip or a vacation, the area you will stay in is of great importance. It influences your opinion about the town or city to a great extent.

Hong Kong is a highly developed city that has skyscrapers, beautiful beaches and wonderful parks scattered all over the city. Formerly a British Colony, Hong Kong, has a large population and is a very busy city. The number of must-see sights are so high that it’ll give you a headache to choose from all the options available.

Hong Kong is broadly divided into four areas- Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, New Territories and Outlying Islands. To make it easier for you to pick here is a list of the best places to stay in Hong Kong spread across these four divisions.

Central Hong Kong:

Central Hong Kong is also referred to as just Central sometimes. It is the business hub of the city and is the busiest area. This area is extremely developed and has offices of important companies like the Bank of America. It also has an array of winding streets where there are markets. These small markets sell everything ranging from food to gadgets. The speciality of this area is that the oldest and the best restaurants and bars are situated here. Its popularity and connectivity make Central Hong Kong one of best places in the city to stay in.

Tsim Sha Tsui:

Situated right opposite to Central Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is a cape on the Kowloon Peninsula. This area has all the posh hotels of Hong Kong including the Sheraton. It is filled to the brim with tourists all around the year. The hub of shopping, Tsim Sha Tsui has the famous shopping streets of Canton and Nathan Road. It is also home to the Avenue of Stars. These qualities make Tsim Sha Tsui one of the most popular places for people to stay in, at any time of the year.

Sai Ying Pun:

Besides being easy to get to from the airport, Sai Ying Pun is one of the oldest areas in this city. From Sai Ying Pun the view of the Victoria Harbour is fantastic. It is built on the steep slopes of the Victoria Peak. With cafes and restaurants galore, this is a place that will give you a special sense of comfort and joy. Not only does it have hip and cool bars and restaurants but it also has art galleries that’ll steal your breath. If you want to explore Hong Kong’s nightlife, this is where you should stay.

Mong Kok:

Mong Kok is a place that is highly populated. Most of the movies in Hong Kong which feature gangsters, portray this area to be the gangster den. The reason behind that is the fact that this area actually shady and congested like the gangster den in our imagination. Mong Kok has a large number of markets where you’ll find anything and everything. Besides having the famous sneaker street the items in these markets are cheap. If you want to haggle and bargain for a product, you can do that to your heart’s content. The massage parlours in this area are an absolute hit among the tourists. It also has the Yuen Po street bird garden. So if you need to shop in large numbers for all your friends and family back at home, Mong Kok is the best are for you to stay in.


Lantau is the biggest and most developed island out of all the 235 islands that Hong Kong is made up of. It is situated at the mouth of the Pearl River. Initially, it was made up of fishing villages but has now developed to a great extent. It is home to Hong Kong’s famous Disney Resort and the Ngong Ping 360 centre. It also has the Lantau Peak. So all those of you wishing to visit Hong Kong for its Disneyland this is the place you should stay in. It has a local charm and has beautiful beaches. The seafood here is exotic and will leave you craving for more.

So if you are confused and cannot decide which place would be the best for you to stay in Hong Kong, choose any one of these according to your needs and preferences. Make sure you have a happy stay in Hong Kong!