Summer is a season which is ambivalent. There are instances when we feel like we cannot take the heat anymore and there are also times when summer brings us inexplicable joy. Among these enjoyable moments are the pool parties or maybe the visits to the beach. Everyday people spend a lot of time and effort to look perfect for every occasion. The outfit you are wearing should be an exact match to the mood and atmosphere of the place you are going to or the event you are attending. Therefore the swimwear should also be perfect.

Here are some of the best beachwear trends of this year.

The Black and White Mix:

The black and white geometrical pattern bikini has been in fashion since forever almost. This is perfect for those of you who want to hide your belly and flaunt your bust. It has always been the best choice when you want to associate one color with another.

The Different Prints:

This year there have been many different prints that have been put on the favorites list. The list topper has undoubtedly been the Ethnic Prints. These prints have tribal and primitive designs which enhance its beauty a great deal. The second on the list come the Floral Print bikinis. They are absolute stunners in their various bright colors. The third on the list are the Animal Print bikinis which are a must buy for their tribal look and jungle flair. They have every kind ranging from leopard print to snake print.

Neon Splash:

This is one of the quirkiest of this year’s beachwear trends. It is the best option if you want to stand out.  It usually comes in a wrap up style which is perfect if you have a small bust. It creates the push up effect nicely. You can buy some of these at Zalora HK. Don’t forget to use latest Zalora discount code before buying.

The Age of Crop:

With crop tops being such a popular style in our generation it has been brought to the beach world as well. If you are the type who loves indulging in beach sports like volleyball or maybe surfing and jogging, then you have found your perfect beach wear with the crop top bikinis. It certainly gets the whole sporty look going.

Color Block:

This is the perfect style for those of you who want to divert the attention from your unflattering body. It generally fits most body types. But if you really want to hide your wide belly, the dark colored bottoms with light colored tops work well in this type.


With fringes being so popular in the fashion world now, be it tops, shoes, handbags, jackets or anything else, it was bound to come into the bikini patterns too.  Hence, this is most definitely a frequent style seen this year.

So if you want to be at par with the beachwear fashion trends this year, don’t miss out on these different styles. Make sure to get one of each so that whenever you head to the beach,  it is sure to turn a considerable number of heads.