Fashion will fade and style will remain eternal. To add a dash of your style a handbag is a perfect thing to add. A handbag has become an essential for most of the women. A good and designer handbag not only adds to style and personality of women but also becomes very handy for carrying day to day things. Nowadays there are a variety of handbags which can be seen in the fashion market. Some of them are as follows:

• The Shoulder Strap Bag:

This type of bag is the most common one which can be seen both among the teenagers and middle-aged women. The bag consists of a double or single strap which goes over the shoulders. Its standard size allows you to carry it with any casual, semi- formal or formal wear. You can even team it up with a jean which adds to your style. Check out latest shoulder bags at Zalora Hong Kong here.

• Kiondo:

This is a hand woven bag which is made from sisal with leather trimmings on it. This bag originates in Kenya among the Kamba and Kikuyu tribes. The weavers strip out the outer layers of the Sisal plant still leaving the plant able to grow. The pale coloured layers of the plant are left for a day to dry fully and then the weavers uses the thread from these layers to make the bag. The threads are boiled in water and then dyed before starting the work. Once it is done the bag is made. It takes around 2 – 3 weeks for the bag to complete fully. The Kiondo is even exported.

• Hobo:

This bag is named so because it resembles the shape of a bundle that the vagabonds are generally shown to carry in many films and cartoons. This bag is comparatively large and is designed with a slouchy posture, crescent shape and a long strap so that it is easier to carry. The material used for hobo bags are generally soft and flexible which tend to slump when set down. This type of bag is available in many shapes and sizes. Check out this Gianni Segatta’s Hobo bag at Zalora.

• Totes:

These bags are made of cloth or any other soft material. They are a bit oversized but are very convenient for shopping, travelling, college purpose and more. Since this type of bags is generally made of cloth material so it becomes very environment-friendly. In many places, these bags are used nowadays to avoid the use of plastic. See this beautiful tote bag from Fjallraven Kanken

• Messenger bag:

Messenger bags are also known as courier or sack bags because of its shape. These bags are generally made of synthetic or cloth material and were used by the courier persons in the urban times. It has a long strap which is worn over one shoulder and it goes across the chest with the bag on the lower side. This is also named as sling bags in modern times and is mostly used by the office goers.

• Satchel:

Most of the satchels have a triangular side profile with a flap on the top which acts as a closure, flat bottom and a long strap which is used to take the bag diagonally over one shoulder and the bag rests on the lower side of the hip. These bags were traditionally used for carrying books but now it has become one of the fashion touches. The latest designs have made the satchels more attractive among the women. Use Zalora promo codes to get discount on bags.

• Evening bags:

A grip, shoulder sack, wristlet, or other style satchel intended for use amid uncommon events and with more formal dress. Evening packs are ideal for gatherings, weddings, date evenings, or evenings out on the town.

• Beach bags:

Beach bags are large colourful bags made from straw, cloth and much other kind of materials. These bags have very attractive designs which can be taken for picnics and also for other purposes. Women generally tend to look for bags which are bigger in size so that most of their belongings are packed easily in one single bag. Most of the beach bags have a plastic lining inside which protects the bag from moisture.

• Laptop totes:

Previously laptop totes were not outlined in a way that women can take it. In any case, with the most recent plans and innovation there are portable laptop totes accessible which can be utilized by ladies all the more helpfully and with the beautiful outlines it is more agreeable to convey to any formal spots. The totes have cushioned covering inside which bolsters the portable workstation and the medium estimated strap permits the client to convey it helpfully.

With the availability of so many types of handbags now it has become more convenient for women to carry different kinds of bags for different occasions.