The city of Hong Kong welcomes its guests with immense splendour and so it is the innate wish of every traveller to set foot here. Hong Kong has uncountable places that are capable of stunning its viewers and spending some time here will enrich you with precious memories. If you are planning to fly towards Hong Kong and check out the reason behind its craze, then you need to have a plan. A plan will help you to traverse to those places in Hong Kong where you will be able to taste the true essence.

Hong Kong is a busy city comprising of 235 islands with numerous people and offers various flavours that please all. The city spoils you with certain wonderful and amazing scenes that will make any photographer popular with classy clicks.

Continue Reading, So as to Know About the Places Which You Must Visit During Your Trip.

• Harbouring Around Victoria:

Hong Kong is popular for housing the most number of skyscrapers and these tall buildings indeed give Hong Kong a unique look. Victoria Harbour is another name that you will frequently associate with the city and all the hotels increase their room-price by offering a view of this harbour. No matter how stereotypical it sounds, still the harbour will never fail to awestruck you. Visit the highest peak of the land, Victoria peak to get a full glimpse of the surrounding locality. The skyline view from the peak, once during the day and once at night will single-handedly please the tourists. At night, different types of lightings and lasers are arranged which take the beauty some notches higher. This Victoria Harbour is enclosed by many skyscrapers including the tallest building with 118 stories, International Commerce Centre Towers. In the 100th floor of this building there is an observation deck that rotates 360 degrees, make a point to go there to catch some gorgeous glimpses of the harbour.

• Visiting the Villages:

The beauty of Hong Kong is not limited to the areas with lofty and sky-kissing towers or British-tinted colonies. Rather some ancient walled or beach-side villages also provide Hong Kong its tradition and richness. A visit to these places will help you to understand the binary of the old and new, owned and borrowed. Some villages even date back to 500 years and are still present protecting the Hong Kong heritage. The ancestral halls, wall for defense and villagers in traditional clothes will surely attract you. You can also go to Shek O, the village near the south of the surfing Jewel of Hong Kong, Big Wave Bay.

• Touring the Temples:

Hong Kong is also a great destination with the cultural and spiritual inclination and houses some brilliant houses of worship. So, while touring the city you must pay a visit to these institutions to offer your prayers or simply to enjoy the decor. The temples are all decorated in Chinese designs and motifs and are always lively with people who flock during festivals. The smell and the smoke of the incense sticks create a mystic atmosphere that invokes the spirituality in you. Near Hollywood road, there is the Man Mo Temple where you can go to spend some time amidst the bright furnishings or go to Wong Tai Sin Temple. You can also visit the monasteries found here like Po Lin Monastery to see Tian Tan Buddha or explore the lush forest and mountain and climb 268 steps for seeing the Big Buddha.

• Land of Islands:

As mentioned before, Hong Kong is a cluster of numerous islands which have their own specialties and attractions. Not all the islands are equally popular, but some has been able to garner the attention. If the chirpiness of Hong Kong is appearing chaotic to you and you want to spend some lonesome leisure time, then there are options. You can go to the Lamma Island where broken down villages, sea beaches and jungles will welcome you and keep you occupied. You won’t find many vehicles there, so you will have to trust your legs and get your energy from the lined-up sea-food restaurants there. The Lantau is another renowned island of the city where many tourists go to visit and stay. Amidst the deep forest and Mountains, there sits a huge Bronze statue of Shakyamuni Buddha which is about 34 meters high. Make a point to visit Uno Kong Group of Islands and hop onto Dragon’s Back for awesome views.

• The Entertainment Hub:

There is no dearth of entertainment in Hong Kong and it varies in taste and texture as well. You can pay a visit to Ocean Park to explore the hidden truths underneath the ocean. Or can spend some time in Hong Kong’s very own Disneyland to re-live the happy days of your childhood. The Kowloon Park was renovated for the public in the 1970s which were a former shelter of the British army and is a serene place. Visit Sai Wan Swimming Shed and Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse, the final surviving landmarks of their kind to capture some pictures. Happy Valley Racecourse is a must visit the place, if you are in Hong Kong to witness how the entire population gathers there on Wednesday nights to have fun with food, drinks, and ponies.

• Roads and Streets:

Traveling Hong Kong doesn’t mean running around and entering constructions and institutions to appreciate the beauty. Your Hong Kong will be incomplete if you don’t peep into the allies of the city which have loads to offer. The streets house some amazing areas to purchase all that you want and need. Visit Temple Street, Ladies’s street to shop till you drop down with exhaustion. Also, visit Nathan Road to see how one should utilize each inch and decorate with Neon lights in order to advertise.

Guidelines to Enjoy Beauty

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