Hong Kong, a jam-packed city with thick smog, soaring skyscrapers, and wild night out. Though, Hong Kong is a well-known urbanized center, two-third of the country is covered with islands and countless small mountains. Lantau Island is the biggest island among 236 islands in the country. The fast pace, multiculturalism, and the delicious foods of the country attract visitors. There is so much to do in Hong Kong that one can start scratching their head as where to start in order to get the most out of the trip. Being one of the busiest tourist spots in the world, it is also expensive. But expenses can be lowered with the help of cheap tickets. They display various flight deals allowing you to choose the one according to your budget and convenience. And the best part is along with flights, they offer hotels and cars for rent, allowing you to explore the place on your own.

Where to Go?

1. Kowloon Peninsula (Mainland Hong Kong): Kowloon peninsula is all about eating, shopping, and checking out some architectural sites and gardens. The best way to start your day is by eating some egg tarts for breakfast. Kowloon park is one of the best places to relax and to escape the chaos of the city. Those pink flamingos and turtles in the pond of the Kowloon park are worth watching. Ladies market in the Kowloon peninsula is all about bargain clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. With more than 100 stalls, you can find everything from cosmetics, watches to home furnishings. The other attraction in mainland Hong Kong is the goldfish market, flower market road, and Yuen Po bird garden. Also, you shouldn’t miss Ping Shek Estate, which looks like a normal apartment complex but when you head inside you’ll be greeted with sunlight beaming right into the courtyard.

2. Beaches: The city is filled with the natural resources making it a great place for nature lovers as well. Mild and consistent tides provide favorable conditions to the surfers. Big Wave Beach, Shek O is one of the most popular beaches in Hong Kong. It is located in the eastern coastline of Hong Kong. Big Wave Beach is connected to the Dragon’s back trail and is famous for its rock-arts carved by the people. The most beautiful beach in Hong Kong is Cheung Sha beach and is also the longest beach when compared to the other beaches in Hong Kong. You can find fresh seafood in the food stalls adjacent to the beach.

3. Victoria Peak: The iconic skyline at Victoria peal offers some stunning views if you visit the place on a clear day. Visiting Victoria peak when it is full of smog can impact the views negatively. Being the most famous tourist spot, it is one of the most crowded places in Hong Kong. Early morning is the best time to visit Victoria peak as it will be less crowded.

What to Eat?

You’ll get some amazing food in Hong Kong. Some of the delicious foods you can eat in Hong Kong are:

1. Dim Sum: There are a lot of dim sum dishes ranging from braised chicken feet to porky Siu Mai to shrimp filled har gao. It is one of those foods that can give you the most fun and delicious experience.

2. Lo Mai Gai: Glutinous rice steamed within a lotus leaf with a combination of chicken and pork. The lotus leaf embeds its fragrance into the rice while all the flavors mingle together.

3. Roast Goose: Roasted using charcoal, it is marinated in a blend of more than 20 spices and aromatics. It is both juicy as well as crispy. These can make you fall with roasted meat.

4. Char Siu: A Cantonese style of barbeque pork, Char Siu can be found at any of the meat shops in Hong Kong. In order to add sweetness to the dish, it is marinated in a mixture of honey or sugar along with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and a seasoning blend including five spices.

5. Fish Ball Noodles: If you would like to eat some healthy food then fish balls might be a good option. They have a smooth and spongy texture and when they are made right, they can be very delicious.

What to Do in Hong Kong?

1. Take a Trip on Star Ferry: You can ride a star ferry which goes through Victoria harbor towards Kowloon island. It is one of the most iconic tourist attractions.

2. Ride Ngong Ping 360: This cable car gives a panoramic view of the entire city and runs from Tung Chung towards the Lantau Island crossing the airport in between.

3. Watch Symphony of Lights: A free show involving lights, lasers, and buildings. It starts at around 8 pm daily but Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is the three days when you can hear the live narration in English. And, the best place to watch the symphony of lights is Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade Waterfront.

4. Ride a Junk Boat: You can rent a classic boat and sail around the harbor on a half-day or full-day trips.

5. Hiking: The hiking trails in the outskirts of Hong Kong offer an amazing experience of the Hong Kong rural culture. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Hong Kong from the top of Dragon’s Back. While doing an urban hike at Dragon’s back trail you can find some picture perfect scenic landscapes. The trail ends at Big Wave Bay beach where you can relax after the tiresome hike. Another great peak for hiking is High Junk Peak, the most challenging hiking trail in Hong Kong. You can see the small Islands in the Pacific Ocean once you reach the top.

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