Are you one of those crazy foodies? Love to go around the world, eating and tasting all the exotic dishes available? Then I’m sure you’ve visited the city of Hong Kong which is every foodie’s paradise. If you haven’t then make that food trip as soon as possible!
But once you reach Hong Kong, you’ll find so many extravagant restaurants with mouth watering delicacies that you won’t know which ones you should choose. This article will rescue you from your crisis. Here are the top five restaurants in Hong Kong that you must visit.


Caprice is one of the best restaurants in the city of Hong Kong. Headed by a French chef, this restaurant is a perfect blend of the essence of China and the beauty of France.  It has a humongous collection of the artisanal French cheese that will melt in your mouth and enhance the taste of any dish it is put into.  It also has the best wine that one might find in Bordeaux or Burgundy. Its quality to create a unique touch on the French classics is what draws people to Caprice time and again. Awarded with three Michelin stars, this restaurant will leave you craving for more.

Celebrity Cuisine:

Ever wondered how the food cooked for celebrities taste? Well, then it’s time you get rid of this curiosity. Owned by a chef that has cooked for a large number of celebrities and business tycoons, Celebrity Cuisine is among the must visit eateries. Located on the first floor of a boutique hotel named Lan Kwai Fong, this restaurant can accommodate about 35 to 40 people. It presents you with exotic food at affordable prices. The speciality of the restaurant is the fact that no matter how exotic the dish is, it is cooked in a very homely manner. The one item that takes the prize at this restaurant is the unique pan-fried turnip cake. Do not step out without trying it. A proud owner of two Michelin stars, this restaurant is sure to keep your tummy happy!


Located at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Amber is a restaurant that has won many awards.  The first thing that’ll attract you is the beautiful chandelier constructed with about 4000 bronze rods. Its unique lighting effect will give you give you an extravagant Parisian setting. Owned by Richard Ekkebus, a Dutch-born chef, this restaurant mixes the right amounts of France with Asia. The chef’s ingredients include Hong Kong’s specialities like Japanese seafood. Constantly changing the menu, chef Ekkebus gives you unique French-Asian dishes that’ll make it difficult for you to put your spoon down. Presented with two Michelin stars this restaurant will give you food worth dying for!

Otto e Mezzo:

Otto e Mezzo is owned by Chef Umberto Bombana since 1995. Formerly the chef of the Toscana, at Ritz-Carlton, Otto e Mezzo was started by him after the Ritz-Carlton moved its Central location. It is a typical Italian restaurant that will give you the feel of being in Italy the moment you set foot in it. The decor adds charm to the mouth watering food that this restaurant offers. The chitarra with red king prawn and veal chop Milanese with Sicilian tomatoes are absolute hits. Chef Bombana had been named the Worldwide Ambassador of White Truffle back in 2006 which is why it is pretty normal to see items with white truffle all over the menu. Otto e Mezzo is the only restaurant outside Italy in the world to receive three Michelin stars. This is the perfect choice when you are craving for exotic Italian food!

Summer Palace:

If Cantonese is your thing at the moment, Summer Palace is where you should be found at dinner. Using traditional ingredients to create delicious classic dishes is what chef Ip Chi Cheung does in his restaurant. Situated on the fifth floor of the grand Island Shangri-La, Summer Palace gives you exotic dishes like baked king prawn and crystal ham. The chandeliers inside this restaurant add the charm to your dining experience. With two Michelin stars in its bag, this restaurant will make you eat till you burst!
It doesn’t matter why you are going to Hong Kong. Be it for a vacation or for an important conference, don’t miss the opportunity to dine in this food heaven. With such a large number of Michelin starred restaurants scattered around the city, Hong Kong’s food is something you absolutely do not want to miss.