Hong Kong is a subtropical archipelago comprised of 236 islands, islets and rough outcrops. There are a lot of spots offering a break to sightseers and neighborhood inhabitants looking for a weekend escape. Some are notable scenes, others peaceful, remote strips. It has numerous places which can stun its viewers and have some unforgettable memories. If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, then you are probably thinking of Victoria peak views or skyscrapers, but Hong Kong is a lot more than that. Let us get you in more detail about the beautiful places in Hong Kong.

1 – Cheung Chau: It’s a small island with beaches, temples and short hikes. One day is enough to explore this island. Motor vehicles are not allowed and hence you have to explore the island by foot or by bicycle. In the South-West corner of the island, there is a Cheung Po Tsai cave which has a history of pirates and hidden treasure. There is a trail along the coast, known as the Mini Great Wall, where you can discover stunning views of the sea and other islands. If you continue on the trail, you can find bamboo forests and beautiful beaches.

2 – Dragon’s Back: A ridge in Hong Kong, and is Hong Kong’s favorite trail and favorite hiking destination. It has been named the best urban hike in Asia by TIME magazine. After a twenty minute hike, you’ll reach the sightseeing platform of the trail where you can enjoy spectacular views of Shek O Beach, Big Wave Bay Beach, and the Shek O Golf Course. There is a beach, Big Wave Bay, at the end of the trail where you can go surfing.

3 – Sky 100: It is located on the 100th floor of the tallest skyscraper of Hong Kong, International Commerce Center. Sky100 observation deck offers a 360-degree spectacular view of the city and the Victoria harbor. Located at 393m above the sea level it is the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong. The VR time travel in Sky-High tech zone is something worth experiencing. It takes you back to 1960s where you can see rickshaw drivers and street merchants in the Hollywood road or you can see the old Kai Tak airport in the 1980s. There are other VR and AR experiences as well in the Sky-High tech zone.

4 – Go hiking on Lantau: There is an area in Lantau Island called Tai O where you can find a lot of eco-cultural treasures including stilt houses, salt field relics, and Chinese white dolphins in the surrounding sea. Lantau Peak is the second highest peak in Hong Kong and is the best place to watch the sunrise. It takes around two hours to climb the peak. If you want to enjoy the sunrise, it’s better to start at 4 A.M. The best time to visit this peak is during winters so there won’t be many clouds.

5 – Tai Lam Country Park: Spread over 5,412 hectares it is the second largest park in Hong Kong, after Lantau South Country Park. With around 12 trails inside the park, it is one of the best spots to visit. You must go for a hike from Tai Lam Park to Tsuen Wan, and in between, you can find some abandoned buildings and some interesting villages. To enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Tsing Ma and Ting Kau bridges, you must walk past a stone footpath, known as, Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail.

6 – Wan Chai: Not only natural beauty but a beautiful city with big buildings in the city can also amaze you. You can find tram lines, a vibrant bar scene, outdoor markets, and some heritage sites such as The Blue House and The Pawn in the neighborhood of Wan Chai. With karaoke bars to hidden temples among the towering skyscrapers, you can find almost everything in this place. Wan Chai is a place with a lot of heritage sites as well the nightlife in Wan Chai is worth experiencing. You can even do shopping here.

7 – Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse: Located on Shek O Peninsula, it is one of the oldest lighthouses in the city. You can find some breathtaking sights on the walk to Cape D’Aguilar trail. Near the lighthouse, there is a marine reserve where you can find a cave where you get to listen to the sound of the waves lashing at the rocks. You can also see the skeleton of a whale near the marine reserve.

8 – Shek O: One of the most popular beach in Hong Kong is Shek O beach. Shek O is a peninsula located on the South-East corner of the Hong Kong Island. There are two beaches in Shek O, namely Shek O Beach and Big Wave Bay. The maximum part of the peninsula is covered by Shek O Country Park. Walking down the lane of Shek O village is quite interesting and at the end of the village, you can find beautiful rocky shores and Shek O Lovers’ Bridge where you can enjoy scenic views of the sea.

9 – Tsing Ma Bridge: It is a 2.2 km long bridge connecting the islands of Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. It also connects Kowloon city and the Hong Kong International Airport located in Lantau Island. It is one of the major sightseeing attractions in Hong Kong because of its 1377m of main span and a height of 206m and is also the world’s longest suspension bridge. This bridge looks amazing during day time but visiting it during the night can give you some spectacular views because of the lighting of the bridge.

Bonus – Victoria Harbor: It is the largest harbor and one of the busiest ports in China and third largest in the world. A Symphony of the Lights is a show run by the local tourism board which features more than 40 skyscrapers in a stunning multimedia extravaganza. And a harbor cruise is a must do on a trip to Hong Kong.

There are lots of other places as well, where you can enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong, but these are the must go places if you really want to enjoy the beauty of the city. So, plan your trip according and try to cover as many places as you can.