Expedia, the famed online travel company, marks its 20th anniversary this year on the 22nd of October. Launched back in 1996, Expedia has reigned in the online travel market and continues to be one of the most popular and reliable travel websites even today. If the records of Expedia are anything to go by, the last twenty years have been the journey of  a lifetime for all those involved- those who have seen it grow since its inception and those who joined the journey midway. To mark its 20th birthday, Expedia is offering a special discount and mind blowing offers to travellers all around the world. All one has to do is visit the portal here and make the most of the offers there.

As part of the celebrations, Expedia has also released a statement revealing the most searched tourist spot in the world. Based on the usage of customers and data which has been accumulated over a period of twenty long years, Expedia has stated the obvious- the most searched place happens to be none other than the Sin City of the world – Las Vegas, Nevada. Ever since Expedia started its journey, Las Vegas has been the most searched and also the most visited destination and it continues to hold its position as number one. Las Vegas, also known as simply Vegas in common parlance, is the commercial, cultural and financial hub of Southern Nevada. The economy of the city which is also a resort town is largely dependent on gambling, which attracts tourists around the world. In 2015, the estimated revenue obtained from casinos in the city added up to nearly 6.3 million dollars! It is also the reason why Vegas is called the Gambling Capital of the United States. Apart from gambling, Vegas offers an exciting nightlife, fine dining and shopping experiences to its visitors. 

Some fun travel facts by Expedia:

Thus it was no surprise when Vegas was declared the most searched destination. Research carried out by Expedia demonstrates that Las Vegas tops the list when it comes to flights, hotels and accommodation, or even car rentals. Travellers looking for a weekend of fun and frolic, or those simply yearning for a break from their mundane daily lives prefer to travel to Vegas for a couples of nights of unlimited and unadulterated fun. Also, Vegas happens to be one of the most accessible cities in the world; there are numerous flights in and out of Vegas, along with car rentals which would be perfect if travellers are looking for a road trip.

• Also, going by official records, more than 42 million people visited the city in 2015. That’s a mind blowing number especially if one is to take into account the fact that the whole of Los Angeles saw approximately 45.5 million visitors.

• Owing to the large number of luxury hotels in the city, Las Vegas hosted a whopping 21000 conventions, mostly business, in total. That definitely makes it the most populated cities in the state, and one of the most populous cities in the country. These astonishing facts and figures must have taken you for quite a spin!

• The weather charts show that the best times to visit Las Vegas would be between the months of March – May and September – November. The overall pleasant weather and the hospitality factor of Vegas makes it such a popular tourist spot.

•  The charms of the Sin City can be both awe inspiring and overwhelming- it really depends up on the traveller. Often compared to a theme park, Las Vegas is for those who know how to let go of their inhibitions and enjoy to the fullest. Viva Las Vegas as a tourist spot is both ostentatious and malleable, and that is what makes it so enchanting and appealing to all travellers.

• However, Expedia also revealed that while  Vegas remains the most popular tourist spot in all categories, if one was to look at only international destinations, Mexico in Cancun would be taking home the trophy. American travellers are particularly drawn to Mexico for its rich culture, exquisite cuisine and numerous tourist attractions.

• Expedia, which is one of the top rated sites for hotel bookings claimed that Las Vegas ranked first on a list of the top ten list of all hotels sold. Following Vegas on a close second was Orlando. The rest of the list is as follows- New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Cancun and last but not the least Orange County. The ten cities mentioned in the list happen to be some of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, with each city having something unique to offer.

• Also, Expedia showed that if you were to study the flight booking trends of the last twenty years, the data would reveal that a vast number of people have flown out of New York City, much more than all the other cities of America.

• Los Angeles, at present, is one of the most popular cities that people travel to via flights. The flight route from JFK International Airport to LAX in Los Angeles is one of the busiest routes, with tickets being highly in demand all through the year.

The entire field of travelling has encountered a transformation and has been revolutionized owing to the flawless service provided by Expedia. Travellers are now able to conceive and plan their trips and vacations on the go, with Expedia being only a click away. Now that travellers are becoming more and more tech savvy, Expedia has also introduced mobile applications which make planning vacations a whole lot easier. Expedia also guarantees round the clock support for all their customers.

Here is a really fun fact about Expedia – if one was to combine the miles flown by all the flights booked through the site, it would be approximately 534 billion miles. Expedia which had initially started out as a division of the multinational company Microsoft, has now seen tremendous growth and expansion in the past few years and as the representatives of the company have said, this is just the beginning.