Hong Kong is a gorgeous city, there’s no denying that. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Why else do you think Hong Kong tops almost every list when it comes to tourist spots? Now if you’re actually planning a trip to Hong Kong, it would be for a week or two at the most. It would be next to impossible to make sure you see everything in that short period of time. Don’t worry, there’s a way out. You could actually tour the entire city on a bicycle. Before you laugh and brush off the idea, think about it logically. This would be a fantastic way to actually see the city and take in all that it has to offer.

Not only will you be able to make the most of the delights that this city has to offer, but you’ll be doing it the healthy way. There’s no reason to reiterate why cycling is good for you; if you’re reading this article, it would be safe to assume that you’re already aware of the benefits. This would definitely be the experience of a lifetime.  Do you still need a reason to hire a cycle and tour the city? Well then, these are for you –

1) A great way of working out – We all know about this! Cycling is a fantastic mode of working out. An hour of cycling burns nearly 500 calories!  So you can burn out all the fat you’re gaining over the vacations. It would be a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Cycling helps you enhance your blood circulation and also helps you feel rejuvenated from within. Plus, you would be building muscle, body strength and also improving your heart condition. However, if you suffer from joint problems then you better look for alternatives.

2) Mountain biking – Are you big on adventure sports? Then you’re going to love this. Earlier on, bikes were forbidden in the breathtakingly beautiful parks in Hong Kong. But now, you can just get a bike on rent and start your journey. But hold your horses, or cycles in this case, you would need a permit. But that’s a really simple procedure and you can be on your way in no time.  However, if you attempt bike riding in the parks without a valid permit, you’re looking at a hefty fine which may just spoil your trip.

3) Special bike tours – Did you know that Hong Kong organizes special bike tours for its visitors? This was an initiative started by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and thank god for it! The tours take place about twice in a week, mainly during the months when the temperature’s not soaring. That would be autumn- the perfect time for you to have a bike adventure. As a part of the tour, you will be taken to see the antique walled village, the special wetland park and many other beautiful sights. Lastly, you finish off with a scrumptious lunch. What more could you ask for?

4) Bikers’ paradise – Amen to that! Haven’t you ever visited a place and had the feeling that it would be much better if you had a bike with you? Well, the beautiful place named Mui Wo is just like that. It is located on the well-known Lantau Island. The sleepy towns with the winding lanes- it makes it a perfect place for bikers.  What could be better than that? All you have to do is hire a bicycle. Since most people prefer to use bikes here, you wouldn’t find a dearth of rented bikes near the island.

5) Go green – That is one major advantage of using bicycles. Hong Kong, being one of the most populous cities is taking lots of precautions to make sure that the city remains clean and green. As a guest, it is your duty to uphold those principles and respect the values and ideals of the people there. You could do your bit in reducing the pollution by resorting to a bicycle. Think about how much you would be helping the green movement by simply choosing a bike over a car! A car would just be adding to the pollutants that are already present in Hong Kong. You don’t want that, do you? Now is the time to make your contribution to the environment.

6) Inculcating a bike culture – There is a common misconception prevalent in Hong Kong and all the major cities of the world- as it turns out; people have a tendency to think that cyclists are nothing but nuisances who block the traffic. But that’s really not the case. The tourism board is trying their best to bring back the bike culture and instil the same amongst the residents. You can do your bit by encouraging this. Show the others what a fun adventure this could be. It wouldn’t just be about visiting tourist attractions; the journey forms an integral part of the experience as well. If more and more people take up cycling, think about the example it would be setting.

7) Just for the sake of the experience – Ask yourself; would you be getting such an opportunity back in your hometown? The answer for most of you would be no. Most cities do not have such facilities. The tourism board’s efforts, thus, deserve a round of applause. This would be a unique experience you could boast about to your friends when you go back. There’s nothing extraordinary about visiting all the beautiful places in the city- everybody does that! But how many people would actually dare to cycle around? The cool breeze brushing against your face, your heart pumping at what seems like a million miles per hour, the wind in your hair- it would be wonderful feeling that cannot be expressed in words. It would be tiring, yes, and you might argue that holidays are meant for relaxation. But nothing can beat that feeling of satisfaction when you complete the tour.

So there you go- these seven reasons should have convinced you to get your hands on a bike permit today!