Hong Kong is a perfect destination for your vacation and you will never get bored of the skyscrapers gleaming along the seaside, heavenly food, historical museums, and ancient tradition – whether it is your first visit or 10th. There are so many things to do in this thrilling city. Tasting dim sums in the popular restaurants, drinking and clubbing in the most happening bars, taking ferry and boat rides, capturing every moment spent, shopping at the street markets – it is not possible to do everything, but there are few things that you should never miss. Let us have a look at the top fun things to do in Hong Kong.

View from the Victoria Peak:

The first must thing to do in Hong Kong is to enjoy the view from the Victoria Peak. Take the 7-minute ride on the world’s steepest cable railroad called the Peak Tram, which is 120-year old to Victoria Peak, rising about 1,800 feet above sea level. The summit offers you awe-inspiring views of the Hong Kong Island – the whole island is encapsulated in the panoramic view, Victoria Harbor – one of the finest harbors of the world that can give a good competition to the view of Manhattan harbor, Kowloon and its eight mountains – the neighborhood of the island, and beyond the mountains, rests the huge China. Plan to arrive before sunset as watching the city lights come up is a treat to your eyes, and if you have time, enjoy the view once again in the daytime as it is controversial which one is the best time to be here – day or night – you can decide by yourself.

Hop on the Star Ferry:

Though Hong Kong Island has more efficient means of public transport systems connecting the island to its neighboring cities, you will not want to miss the fun ride on the Star Ferry. It offers you one of the most picturesque boat rides with the chance of gazing at skylines on both sides of the water – at a very nominal fee. You will sail past different shipping vessels and have the opportunity of taking pictures of the island coastline. Try to catch the ferry before 8 PM so that you can relish the beautiful sight of Symphony of Lights Show – the show of lights, flare works, and lasers lighting up the skyscrapers across the water, every night at 8 PM – the ferry stops here for some time to allow its tourists to enjoy this view.

Enjoy Rides on a Junk Boat:

As Hong Kong is more an accumulation of 260 islands than only a city, it is best to hire a junk – it is a motorized pleasure vessel, originally meaning Chinese fishing boats. You can take book this with the help of your hotel and you can just contact any travel agency – there are plenty of them. Enjoy the salty sea wind; enjoy the uneven coastlines or deserted bays; anchor your boat somewhere and plunge yourself inside the water to swim. It is a great way to enjoy the waters and have a unique experience.

Shop Till You Drop – from the Street Markets to Times Square:

Hong Kong’s lively street markets will always keep you energetic as you will pass through the alleys packed with hundreds of stalls selling fashionable clothes and accessories. In Temple Street Night Market, under the dim light bulbs, the hawkers sell everything from noodles to patent medicines, fake jade jewelry, fake designer handbags, and lucky cat statues, to fake branded watches – almost everything. If you want to buy some electronics, head to Apliu Street Market – which has every type of gadgets on sale. If you want to don some cool sportswear and sports shoes, there is Fa Yuen Street, popularly known as Sneakers Street. You have street markets sprawling for everything in Hong Kong. You should also not miss shopping on Chungking Mansions – the shopper’s paradise. There is a 12-story mall called Times Square, which is another one-stop shopping destination.

There Are More!

There is a familiar quote: “A New York minute is a Hong Kong second” – which is true as the list above is just a few things. There is a line of more exciting things to do here. For example, hiking the Dragon’s Back Trail to reach Shek O Peak to enjoy 360-degree view of countryside, bays, beaches, and the South China Sea, placing bets at Happy Valley Racecourse on a Wednesday night, visiting historic Chinese temples, getting high on tea, enjoying dim sums in Michelin-starred cuisine restaurants, drinking on a rooftop bar, and many more. Make the most of your vacation when you are in Hong Kong and take back home – amazing memories.