Ever given a thought to all those movies giving a birds’ eye view of the city of Hong Kong with all its skyscrapers and snippets of the happening night-life? Well, Hong Kong has a lot more to offer. From the out-of-this-world view of skyscrapers to the glittering harbor and green hills, this island city will keep you busy with multiple attractions that range from visits to the Ocean Park to the Peak, from hiking to shopping. Hong Kong will not allow you to idle away your time. Though the list can go on and on, check out these top fun things that you must not miss in Hong Kong:

The Victoria Peak

The Victoria Peak is a mountain located on the western side of the island city of Hong Kong. The Peak, as it is commonly referred to, is the area surrounding the summit, and is the major tourist attraction offering views of the Central, Lamma Island, Victoria Harbour, and the other surrounding islands. Standing tall at more than 1800 feet, The Peak has been the city’s most exclusive neighborhood since the time of British occupation. Feast your eyes with the spectacular panoramic view bathed in the evening light of orange and pink with the dazzling city lights beneath!

• The Sky Terrace is a large viewing platform in The Peak Tower. The same also has The Peak Galleria which is a free observation deck and also The Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. And if you are up for a leisure walk, in the mood to gather the experience of a wonderful vista, take the Peak Circle Walk and take it all in.
• There is also the Peak Tram, riding which is an experience in itself – let the beautiful cityscapes pass by the window, watch them from all possible angles as you ascend towards The Peak.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Oh, the kids are in for a treat with this one. This is not completely true though – for age is just a number when it comes to Disneyland. Along with all the favorite rides and characters, the hotels provide perfect accommodation and excellently hospitable services so you don’t have a thing to worry about.

“Star Wars, yeah!”
Brace yourself for the ultimate Star Wars experience that the Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer. Be a rebel pilot at the Hyperspace Mountain, see the enormous X-wing star-fighter, and meet Chewbacca, R2-D2, and train with the Jedi which is exclusively available in the Hong Kong Disneyland.

“I am Iron Man”
Stark Expo is here! See the latest inventions of the Stark Industries. Don’t forget to visit the Hall of Protection as there you will be able to see the Iron Man Mark III suit. There is also the arc reactor in the Hall of Energy and the gravity-defying Iron Wing in the Hall of Mobility. That is not it, no… gear up for the amazing aerial tour of the Hong Kong Stark Tower after you have grabbed a pair of Stark-Vision Glasses.

Ocean Park

Located in the southern side of the island city of Hong Kong, the Ocean Park covers an area more than 910.000 square meters. It is a marine-life theme park that also offers thrill rides and shows.

• Journey deep underwater to gain a first-hand experience with the sharks and rays. Meet them and the zebra shark, the sawfish and the saw-like rostrum. Take it all in, bathe in the beauty of these animals so misjudged and misapprehended!
• Ah, the memories of yore! Board the Heritage Tram and live the days of the yesteryears as the Old Hong Kong brings to the culture and traditions dating back to the 1950s. Let your eyes sink in the nostalgic lights and your ears dip in the music of those days. Take a trip down the memory lane and don’t forget the souvenirs.
• The Hong Kong Ocean Park has arranged for you the world’s first 360-degree water screen! Hold your breath as you explore into the Grand Aquarium. You will never forget the experience gathered by witnessing the diverse marine life from the world’s largest aquarium dome. There is no end to the firsts either – when you are in Hong Kong, do not let go of the chance to dine in the city’s first aquarium dining house, Neptune’s Restaurant.


Nothing less than the style capital of the world, Hong Kong offers you with one of a kind shopping experience whereby you will, literally, shop till you drop.

The Ladies’ Market

This is a stretch of one-kilometer of the Tung Choi Street – all of which is lined with over a hundred stalls of budget clothing, souvenirs, and accessories. As you can very well infer from the name, the Ladies’ Market is a haven for the shopaholics and even if you are not one, you will definitely end up turning into one!

The Temple Street Night Market

As the name suggests, this place comes to life when the sun is no more at work. A total carnival, the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong is the essential local market and has been a favorite backdrop for many a movie. Whether or not it is trinkets you are looking for, or watches, or electronics, teaware, menswear, antique or jade – haggle over the price till you get the most of it. Do not stop just yet either, the place is steeped with stalls selling the local cuisine. So have some clay-pot rice or noodles or seafood or the many other things that you will easily find – including the fortune-tellers (they are not edible though!).

These are just a few things that you must not let go of when in Hong Kong. You should also check out the iconic Star Ferry of the city which will become a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you; the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery among the many other attractions that the island city of Hong Kong has to offer.