Lifestyle signifies the way of living of any individual person or a group moreover it differs from person to person and place to place. Before going to any place, it’s better to have an idea about the lifestyle of the place. Being a popular tourist destination, the lifestyle of Hong Kong welcomes and entertains the people in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is largely influenced by its history and its geographical location. After five/six stressful days at the office, locals and foreigners both have a bewildering array of opportunities to enjoy pretentious luxury or to absorb the city’s natural splendor and cultural charm. Because of all the luxurious hotels, bars, and clubs, the rich people of the city have a lavish lifestyle. Hong Kong life is a bustling city life like Manhattan. Many are under a lot of pressure, and furthermore need to adjust being at the intersection of 2 major societies and economies, The USA and China.

Most of the middle-class people in the age of 20s or 30s live at home with their parents because rent and housing are expensive and they can’t afford moving out. Because of the huge population, most of the people of Hong Kong live in apartments in skyscrapers. Most of the male tend to buy their own house after marriage. It is a paradise for shoppers. The entire city is filled with huge shopping malls and streets where you can bargain. Some of the best malls in Hong Kong are The Landmark, Causeway Bay, and Harbour City. These places represent the extravagant lifestyle of the city. Shopping is Hong Kongers favorite time pass. For bargaining, people of Hong Kong go to Electronic Market, Temple Street Market, and Ladies’ Street. There are numerous food joints available all over the city.

Hong Kong has numerous places which exhibit its culture. Every temple in Hong Kong has its own story. Po Lin Monastery is made entirely of gold. There are other temples such as Lam Tsuen and Wong Tai Sin temple. Just like any other city in the world, Hong Kongers commute to work through the MTR subway system, ferries, trams, and buses. The city is well connected by public transport. People of Hong Kong generally work from 9 A.M to 6 P.M., Monday-Friday and half day on Saturday. Usually, people of Hong Kong work two hours extra than what they’re paid for. The vast majority of Hong Kong’s antiquated and present-day structures are lit up during the evening, and the scene is very beautiful. Most of the people like to go to a bar or a pub for a drink post work. Hong Kong’s nightlife is world-eminence and is something local people pay attention to. The most hoping nightlife spots can be found on Lan Kwai Fong and Tsim Sha Tsui. Some of the most famous places where people enjoy nightlife are Hidden Agenda, The Globe, Club 71, Eyebar, Ce La Vi, and Volar. A significant number of Hong Kong’s fashionable young ladies like to spend the nights shopping in Hong Kong’s numerous boutiques. There is another trend with the more youthful group, they appreciate going out on the ends of the week to do yoga or heart stimulating exercise.

People of Hong Kong don’t prefer frozen foods and they usually buy fresh fruits and meats from the market. Cantonese cooking is solely dependent on the availability of fresh food. Hong Kong fresh food market is spread all over the city. People of Hong Kong are quite addicted to gambling. The two favorite topics in the city are money and superstitions. Gambling is a combination of the two. Before laying a bet, people of Hong Kong generally check their horoscope or in some cases, go to a temple. Betting on the Happy Valley races is also one of the best time passes of the Hong Kongers. With excited punters filling the stadium for the Wednesday night races, the place is a pot of noise, while half of the city outside is clutched to their TV screens and to their betting slip.

Holiday schedule in Hong Kong includes both Chinese and Western holidays. But, the length of the holidays is short. To stay fit and healthy, people of Hong Kong use the cycle to travel to nearby places or just to enjoy the lighting of the city during night time. Sometimes, the city even organizes special bike tours which then takes them to beautiful spots. Some people take permission for mountain biking while some go for a tour to Mui Wo, heaven for bikers.

Hong Kong has the highest number of super-rich people in the world. There are approximately 93 billionaires in Hong Kong. They live in high-security mansions and they spend $16 billion a year betting on horse racing. They dine at city’s 82 Michelin star restaurants. Hong Kong is ranked the world’s most expensive city in the world but still, the ultra-rich billionaires of the city live in multi-million dollar mansions.


Tourists don’t face many problems as along with Chinese, English is also the national language of Hong Kong. There have been very fewer earthquakes and tsunami and so it is safe to live in Hong Kong. Travelling is very much easy even if you don’t have much idea about the city. People of Hong Kong work more than they enjoy life, this doesn’t mean they don’t take out time to relax from their busy schedule. There is a lack of public spaces and greenery in the city, though there is numerous public sports arena. People of Hong Kong love cleanliness, and some even carry tissue paper in their pockets. It has a diverse culture with people from different parts of the world and so many tourists visiting the city throughout the year. Hong Kong is a place where global economies meet technology and internet. If you’re thinking for a tour to Hong Kong, mixing with these cultures can make your vacation more enjoyable.