With the increasing problem of smog coming from neighboring China and the chaos of the highly populated city, Hong Kong might not be the first place that comes to your mind when thinking about a romantic destination. However, its famous metropolitan skyline and mountainous terrains give a perfect background for some of Asia’s romantic spots. If you’re looking to spend a romantic evening with your better half, there are plenty of restaurants destined for romance. Let’s have a look at some of the best romantic restaurants in Hong Kong.

Aqua Spirit – Italian and Japanese Restaurant

Housed on the top floor of the One Peking, this rooftop bar takes things to a whole new level. The interiors of the bar are so beautiful and on top of that romantic light fixtures are there to set up the mood. No, there is no outdoor terrace, but the floor-to-ceiling windows offer stunning views of the skyline across the water. Aqua Spirit is comprised of two venues, a luxurious restaurant (29th Floor) and a lavish bar (30th floor). The restaurant serves Japanese and Italian cuisines, and they both are prepared in separate kitchens namely Aqua Tokyo and Aqua Roma respectively.

Tosca – Italian Restaurant

Located on the 102nd floor of the International Commerce Center Building, Tosca offers a stunning panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour. Its high ceilings and stately fountains set a stylish and romantic ambiance. Majestic Chandeliers enhances the beauty of the restaurant and to let the city skyline shine at night, the chandeliers are left dim. The restaurant is also famous for Mediterranean-inspired cuisines and seafood presented in an ultramodern style. Watching a water theme running in various shades of purple in the room with your beloved one can be something you’ll never forget.

Gaddi’s – French Restaurant

Situated in the world’s famous Peninsula Hotel, Gaddi’s serves exquisite fine French cuisine with impeccable wine. Though it doesn’t provide stunning views, it has a marvelous interior décor that creates a romantic atmosphere. Started in 1953, Gaddi’s is the first restaurant to serve exquisite European cuisine. In addition to its a la carte menu, Gaddi’s also serve a special Gaddi’s lunch menu. To make the evening more romantic, Gaddi’s band plays every evening for dancing and dinner.

Caprice (Central) – Elegant French Fine Dining Restaurant

Apart from being one of the most glamorous restaurants in the city, it also boasts stunning views of the Victoria harbour . The massive open kitchen provides a fascinating look at the flock of chefs pampering the dishes. Caprice is located on the 6th floor of Four Seasons Hotel. The best view comes from the tables adjacent to the floor-to-ceiling glass. Also, if you want to have a close view of the kitchen at work, you can book a table in the wine cellar at the back of the restaurant. The cooking aroma that flows to the dining arena along with the lovely Victoria Harbour views set up a perfect background for a memorable romantic dinner.

Oyster and Wine Bar – Western Wine Hotel Restaurant

Choose your favorite wine and enjoy the panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour along with delicious seafood. With more than two dozen varieties of oysters and grilled meats, it is unarguable the best seafood restaurant in the area. You can book a table next to the window to ensure that you don’t miss the symphony of lights at 8 PM.

Café Gray Deluxe – Modern European Dining

Housed in the 49th floor of Upper House Hotel, this stylish bistro deluxe offers stellar skyline views and romantic atmosphere which makes it one of the most popular spot. Wine pairing works very well with their dishes (mostly American and European). They even serve afternoon tea, in case you just want to enjoy the view with your partner while having a cup of tea.

Petrus – French Fine Dining Hotel Restaurant

Located high above the city with stunning views of Victoria Harbour, Petrus revitalizes the dining experience with the highest standard of excellence in French cuisine. The wine cellar of the restaurant comprises of the most extensive wines. The restaurant offers a private room with an unbeatable view of Victoria Harbour where no more than 15 people can be seated. It also offers the Alsace room which can accommodate 40 people. The oil paintings, crystal chandeliers, and the elegant atmosphere accentuated by rich draperies make it a perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Amber – Western Wine Hotel Restaurant

Situated in The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental, Amber restaurant are famous for traditional French cuisine. Amber is a two Michelin star restaurant and is ranked 24 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. With an elegant interior and its super delicious food, Amber goes above the rest in all aspects. The most popular snack of Amber is Amuse Bouche.

The Lounge & Bar – Western Hotel Restaurant

Breakfast Buffet at the Lounge & Bar is the perfect place to start your day along with gorgeous views of Victoria Harbour. Open all day, it is a perfect place for romantic dining. Their “An Ultimate Vegan Luxury – The Beyond Burger” consists of a perfect blend of unique flavors and can be the best choice if you’re looking for a gluten-free guilty pleasure. They also serve cocktails and seafood platter along with a la carte menu and organic salad bar.

Tin Lung Heen – Cantonese Restaurant

Delicious Cantonese in a romantic atmosphere. If you want to enjoy the traditional food of Hong Kong including Dim Shum, then Tin Lung Heen offers an elegant setting along with a spectacular view from the 102nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton. The interior of the restaurant is filled with a contemporary red palette with marble columns and a wall full of windows. You’ll want to savor every last bite with your better half.

Hong Kong is filled with restaurants and bars, though the list is not exhaustive, we have handpicked some of the best romantic restaurants in the city. You can have the most memorable dining experience in the above-mentioned restaurants. Though some of them can be really expensive, to help you stay true to your budget while enjoying the most of your trip to Hong Kong, Also, we offers a lot of food, travel, hotels, restaurant discount coupons and vouchers of top brands i.e. Trip.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, Foodpanda, UberEats, Klook, Agoda, Kkday, & many more. Click here to get more information.