For the thirsty travelers who yearn to transcend their known boundaries and relish to steep themselves in the aura and the aroma of the exotic, Hong-Kong with its spectacular geographical locale and palate of variegated goods may be counted in. Though originally the territory was once under the shackles of British domain, with its remote fishing and farming sites, the place has witnessed stupendous development in the recent era with an umbrella of restaurants to cater the demand of the travelers from around the globe. Considering all these aspects, therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to promote the site as the ultimate “food” destination of the world, with its lion’s share of tourists from the Asian subcontinent. In this aspect, a complete guide of available recipes with its restaurants would lure the people more than ever.

Dim Sum: Touching and Treating Hearts

Meaning “touch your heart”, the ‘Dim Sum’ recipe with its celebrated items ranging from pork dumplings, BBQ pork buns, shrimp dumplings, rice rolls, and egg tarts is a must try for the tourists. The items themselves are available in steamed, baked, pan-fried and deep-fried forms. The restaurants reputed for Dim Sum are ‘Fook Lam Moon’, ‘Tin Lung Heen’, ‘Lung King Heen‘.

Wanton and Beef Brisket Noodles: Keep Wanting More

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Traditional though in this aspect, Wanton noodles preserve the rich cultural heritage of the place. Blended with the craft of pressure of bamboos by the mold of the hands, these noodles are generally thinly steeped in soup, added with small shrimps along with pork bones. Such a conglomeration of wanton items is sure to add delicacy to one’s list. The favorite haunts for this are ‘Mak’s Noodle’,’Tsim Chai Kee’ and ‘Kau Kee Restaurant‘.

Roast Meats: Ruling the Travelers’ Plates

Roasted meats in Hong-Kong are often regarded as a favorite dish by travelers for its mouth-watering fragrance that is delicately stashed with either a bowl of rice or noodles. Locally available in barbecued pork and roast pork belly the tender, delicate, shiny and glossy meats are available easily at prominent Chinese restaurants as ‘Joy Hing Food Shop’, ‘Sham Tseng Chan Kee Roasted Goose’, ‘Young-Kee Restaurant’. Such ones are spread throughout the territory.

Hong Kong Milk Tea: A Soothing and Rejuvenating Sap

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Said to be made from the extracts of several tea leaves, Hong Kong Milk Tea is reputed rounded the globe for its sweet, smooth and satisfying sap. The filter bag specially designed for the purpose of making it imparts to it a brown hue that one can easily have at any time of the day as a refreshing drink. Lang Fong Yuen, Tsui Wah Restaurant, Star Café have noted sites for this type of tea. Furthermore, Tsui Wah’s branch at the Hong Kong International Airport offers the opportunity to carry a few bottles of the same back for home.

Congee: a Comforting Dish to Content Stomach

Said to be painstakingly cooked for several hours, Congee is a clear favorite for many. The delicious, creamy, thick paste is relaxing for both the mind and the soul. Moreover, it can be topped with ingredients as meat slices, pork balls, fish belly, and even fresh prawns. The restaurants that deserve mention in this aspect are Ho Hung Kee Congee and Noodle Shop, Sang Kee Congee Shop and Congee King.

Local Snacks: Pack Snacks for Leisure Pleasure

Apart from these high profile food items, one must also try local Snacks available in several forms as pineapple buns, mini egg puffs, wife cake, white sugar cake, and egg tarts. Of these Egg Tarts deserve special mention not only for the catchy appearance of the bright yellow egg custard posited inside the buttery base but also for the warmth of the freshly baked foodstuff. Such snacks are easily available in confectioneries as Tai Cheong Bakery, Honolulu Cafe and Hoover Cake Shop.

Swiss Chicken: Chuck it in with Style

Swiss Chicken Wings since the primordial colonial days has had been a favorite food item in this part of the world. This is a top Western food available here along with other such items as pork chop burger, macaroni soaked in tomato soup, fried eggs, instant noodles with sausages. Such recipes are found in Tai Ping Koon Restaurant and other local food centers.

Seafood: Refreshing Retreat for Stomach and Soul

Being one of the largest port cities in the world, Hong Kong is renowned for its seafood. Being surrounded by water bodies on most of the sides, the place offers rich seafood at an affordable price. They are available in seafood restaurants (Under Bridge) or Michelin starred ones (Ming Court). Other seafood places in the territory are Lei Yue Mun, Sai Kung, Lamma Island and so on. Important here is to mention the iconic Aberdeen area which is famous as one of the fantastic and fabulous floating restaurants.

Hong Kong Desserts: Treat for your Sweet Tooth

A visit to a place of unique odor is incomplete without its unique desserts. Several desserts ranging from some fifty to hundred types are easily available in shops in both hot and cold ones. Some places to try for in this aspect are Mango Sago by Hui Lau Shan(it is said to have been introduced by them), Milk Pudding from Yee Shun Milk Company and Auntie Sweet’s Durian Tofu.

Clay Pot Rice and Soy Sauce Braised Pigeon: Heavy and Hearty Meal

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Clay pot rice is another delicious food item in the never-ending list of food items available. Here the rice is cooked in a clay pot and is peppered with a number of extra ingredients like chicken, pork, Chinese sausage or mushrooms. This food is available in restaurants of Central Hong Kong. Another delicious food item that deserves mention in the list is braised pigeon which is on display in several as hops. Similar to duck, pigeon’s meat is dark and succulent and flavourful. It can be available at the Fung Lam Restaurant.

Street Food: Treats Concealed in the Alleys

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Last but not least, like any place in the world Street food in Hong Kong, deserves special mention which is sold by vendors and hawkers. Foodstuffs served here of standard quality and follow norms as prescribed by the Food and Agriculture Organization.

These are in short the rich and endless items of food available at one of the top tourist destinations of the world. So Hong Kong can easily be your next tourist spot not only for the picturesque places but for the fabulous food as well.