Hong Kong, as many people know is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. But what most people don’t know is Hong Kong is also a great place for studies. The academic standards in Hong Kong rank among the top in the world. Being one of the world’s financial centers, many international companies are looking forward to establishing their headquarters in Hong Kong, which will help students in landing a job in an International company. It also offers an environment for young students to be immersed in other cultures. It is one of the few places in the world where one can enjoy local culture as well as western culture as desired. The University of Hong Kong (HKU) was officially opened in 1912 and is the oldest institution in Hong Kong. Today, the University of Hong Kong is recognized internationally as a research-led comprehensive university.

Why Should you Consider Studying in HKU?

HKU is famous for its academic excellence, global connections, social impact, and world-class research programmes. HKU prepares its students to become global leaders and globally-minded thinkers. HKU ranks 27th in the world and 1st in Hong Kong. There are 41 undergraduate programmes across 10 facilities to choose from. They also prepare them for the real world challenges and to effectively tackle unpredictable situations, so they would be successful in today’s globalized society. HKU also encourages its students to take part in the research (irrespective of their domain). Moreover, they offer a chance to pursue an area outside of the study area i.e. second major (students studying science but having interest in business processes and dynamics can opt for business studies as their cross-faculty second major). The summer research fellowship programme gives students early exposure to research under the supervision and mentor-ship by the most seasoned scientists having expertise in that particular subject.

Top Courses Offered in HKU:

1. Dentistry: The dentistry course offered here ranks 1st in the world. HKU is the only institution in Hong Kong that provides undergraduate and postgraduate dental degrees. They follow a problem-based learning approach. All the courses are internationally bench-marked and hence they provide high-quality education during your time at the university. The programs offered are undergraduate programme (Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BDS), Taught Postgraduate programme (MDS, MSc), Research Postgraduate programme (MPhil, Ph.D.), and Continuing Dental Education (CME/CPD courses).

2. Architecture: Architecture course offered by HKU is ranked 10th in the world. Research about how the building functions, site context and provide a solution by designing an architectural design through a process of rationalization and conceptualization. If you aspire to become a professional interior designer, then Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Interior Architecture can be a great choice and Middlesex University, London designs and assures the quality of the programme. Other architectural courses include Professional diploma in Architectural studies and Certificate in Hong Kong Architecture practice.

3. Civil and Structural Engineering: In the past few decades, Hong Kong has seen tremendous growth in terms of building structures. This has been made possible through the success infrastructure projects which demands top performing civil engineering graduates. The training provided in HKU prepares its students for the increasing and constantly changing demands of the modern world.

4.Education: Not everyone aspires to become an engineer or an expert in the medical field. Some want to make an impact on other student’s life by sharing their knowledge on a particular domain. Undergraduate programmes at the Faculty of Education in HKU offers programmes that qualify students to teach a subject of their domain both locally and internationally. They also offer Postgraduate programmes by research (MPhil) and by coursework (Med/MSc/MA).

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in HKU

If you’re based out of Hong Kong, you must qualify in an international examination such as IB Diploma, GCE A Level, SAT/ACT/AP, etc. Students who qualify national exams such as Indian Board Examinations, ATAR, Canadian Provisional Examinations, etc. are also eligible for admission in HKU. But, proficiency in English Language and is mandatory to apply to HKU. Also, a qualification in a language other than English is also mandatory. However, some programmes have specific requirements which can be found here.

Students willing to take university transfer from a university in Hong Kong, the Mainland or the Overseas, you need to apply through the International Admissions Scheme or the Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme and you should have excellent scores for admission. Also, you need to provide evidence of proficiency in the English language.

If you’re not a student of the University of Hong Kong, but your institution has a formal exchange agreement with HKU, then you are eligible to apply in the HKU Exchange program. If you don’t want to follow a full degree programme in HKU, you can apply for a Visiting Programme where you can attend courses for one semester or one year. International students can also enroll in HKU’s Summer Institute where some of the faculties offer summer programmes. The list of the courses that will be offered this summer will be announced soon and you need to visit their official website for more information.

Few programmes like Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Science in Information Management offer direct entry for graduates of local sub-degree. Graduates who have at least completed 2 years in a community college in Hong Kong under the Higher Diploma programme or Associate Degree programme are eligible for direct admission schemes to senior year places.

The University of Hong Kong provides education with a global perspective and has a 100% placement rate. Learning at the University of Hong Kong can be very effective for a student in terms of his/her career.