Hong Kong makes an amazing vacation – there are thousands of tourists visiting the city every day. The city itself caters to people from different backgrounds – a mix of Cantonese Chinese and also a former British colony. It has a vast international airport called Hong Kong International Airport, regionally known as Chek Lap Kok, which connects the city to different parts of the world. The airport has been awarded as the “World’s Best Airport” 8 times by Skytrax. There are many direct flights from Hong Kong to every continent of this world. Let us have a look at the top 5 airlines of the city.

Cathay Pacific:

The most popular and the largest airline of Hong Kong is Cathay Pacific, operating since 1946. Its head office and main hub are at Hong Kong International Airport. Cathay Pacific flew over the North Pole with its first non-stop transpolar flight of the world, in 1988. The airline connects at least 200 destinations in 52 countries worldwide. It offers scheduled passenger and cargo services by more than 100 aircrafts including Boeing 747, Airbus A340, Airbus A330, and Boeing 777. Currently, it is the world’s third largest airline. It has self-check in kiosks at Hong Kong International Airport. Its first class on the Boeing 747-400 includes a personal closet, a massage function, an ottoman for stowage or guest seating, and adjustable personal televisions. Its business class on the Boeing 777-300ER is also new and redesigned to emphasize passenger’s need of personal space. It has both Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 for premium economy class, which has bigger seat pitch than its economy class. Both are served with large pillows, dental kits, noise-cancelling headsets, socks, and eyeshades. It has got many awards, such as Airline of the Year, World’s Best First Class, Best Airline Asia, etc. from Skytrax.


Dragonair, officially known as Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, is operating since 1985 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. Its head office and main hub are at Hong Kong International Airport. It has a fleet of 41 aircrafts including Airbus A320, A321, and A330s, offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to 44 destinations in 13 countries across Asia (mostly operates routes within China). It is very popular for its in-flight entertainment system, which allows its first class passengers to enjoy a choice of five PTV channels while business and economy class passengers can enjoy video features on the overhead screen. It has been awarded as Best Airline China, Best Airline Economy Class, Best Regional Airline – Southeast Asia, Top Airline for Potential Value, etc. by Skytrax, Business Traveller China, World Travel Awards, etc.

Hong Kong Airlines:

Another top airline with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport and corporate head office in Tung Chung, operating since 2006, is Hong Kong Airlines. It has a fleet of 25 aircrafts, including Airbus A330-300s, A320s, A330-200s, A330-300s, and the new A330-200Fs. It is spread regionally, connecting almost 30 cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Sanya, Okinawa, and Bali. It offers a wide variety of customer services at the airport, including priority check-in, electronic check-in, and also airport VIP lounges. The in-flight entertainment systems consist of Wi-Fi service, magazine, and audio/video-on-demand.

HK Express:

There is also a low-cost airline in Hong Kong, with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport, called Hong Kong Express, operating since 2004. It changed its official name to HK Express in 2013, when it decided to offer low-cost services. It provides scheduled passenger service to a number of destinations in Asia, like Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand. It has a fleet of Airbus A320s. You do not get free food on board, but you always have the option of buying them. You can also buy a blanket and comfort kit on board to ease your journey.

Air Hong Kong:

Air Hong Kong stands differently than others, as this is the only all-cargo airline, with its head office and main hub at Hong Kong International Airport, operating since 1988. It owns Airbus A300-600F General Freighters, and operates an express cargo network to 12 destinations in nine countries, including South Korea, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Hong Kong Has It All!

Not only passenger service, but the top airlines of Hong Kong also have express freight fleet, which suffices all types of airline needs. Now if you have to connect to Hong Kong from any part of the world or send a courier from any other part of the world to Hong Kong, you have the list of the best airlines of the city ready right here. You can book all these airlines from Expedia or Zuji HK.