E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries today in the world today and the same stands true for Hong Kong as the country has seen a massive growth in the e-commerce industry in the past decade. Online shopping has several advantages for the type of lifestyle prevalent in the country as people rarely have time to go out and dedicate time for their shopping and fashion needs but instead prefer shopping online for the best and the latest in electronics, fashion and lifestyle . This has encouraged the growth of several online shopping and fashion websites in the country and we will now be listing some of the major ones below.

1. Zalora:

Zalora in one the biggest online fashion stores which has a huge customer base in many countries especially Hong Kong. Such is Zalora’s popularity in the country that the company has launched an online marketplace which goes by the name of Zalora Marketplace Hong Kong. This Asia based e-boutique site has all types of outfits available for its customers which includes both menswear and womenwear. Zalora has clothing and apparel from several well-known and famous brands such as River Island, Mango and Levi’s. The newly launched Zalora Marketplace Hong Kong has a host of local boutiques and Hong Kong based local clothing, shoe and accessory designers as well. You can find all latest Zalora Coupons and discount codes here at Discountcodehk.com.

2. ASOS:

ASOS is one the closest competitors of Zalora in the online market scenario. Like Zalora, ASOS also has an online marketplace exclusively for Hong Kong based customers and is very popular among the people of Hong Kong. The website provides its customers with a variety of clothing and apparel brands as well as several accessories company to choose from. Most of the brands on ASOS are mid-range value for money based brands which appeal to the general customers of the country. The ASOS online marketplace has several local brands for its customers to choose from and also encourages consumer-to-consumer interaction.

3. ZaoZao:

ZaoZao is one of the biggest Hong Kong based online shopping websites. ZaoZao’s specialty lies in its collection of local clothing and accessories from a myriad of local and upcoming brands. ZaoZao has a huge consumer base and also encourages the growth of local brands. Most of the items on ZaoZao’s site can be preordered and they will be delivered as soon as possible. Most of the items on ZaoZao’s products are specially curated ones from emerging designers and brands especially from south-east Asia. The site has been praised for having a travel inspired fashion style and believes in its customers spreading the word about their products.

4. The 9th Muse:

The 9th Muse is one of the best online sites in Hong Kong for special and unique jewelry, accessories, antique, home and decorative items from famous international designers as well as new emerging designers from Hong Kong and beyond. The site attracts customers from not only from Hong Kong but from all over the world. Several famous and well-known brands such as House of Harlow, Edge of Ember, A Peace Treaty, Tangram, Elizabeth and James and Ilia have a huge selection of their products on for sale on the website. The 9th Muse has also received rave reviews for the funky and elegant clothes and accessories which the site has on sale at all times.

5. Shop des Createurs:

Shop des Createurs is one of the most special online stores in Hong Kong. Its main specialty lies in the fact that it is has products from the most number of local Hong Kong brands. The site has a huge variety of fashion products designed by various fashion icons from around the globe. The site has a good diversity as well because while on one hand it has products from very well-known and renowned brands it also has a lot of products from several emerging and upcoming brands as well. The site also has been praised for catering to the taste of the local people as well as acquainting them with international fashion.

There you have it, the list of some of the best online fashion websites in Hong Kong. However this list is not an all-inclusive one as you may have other sites from among the several hundreds of fashion websites in Hong Kong as your favorite places to shop. But what’s for sure is the fact that all of the above sites cater to the various fashion needs of any fashion lover. So what are you waiting for? Get online and shop to your heart’s content from some of the best fashion websites in Hong Kong.