Apple Iphone 7 Plus Review

Apple IPhone 7 Plus

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If you were expecting just a bigger iPhone 7 in this version, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much more this phone has to offer. The phone has a remarkable better battery life. Add to that a dual lens camera that is a huge plus factor, given iPhone’s reputation of clicking the best pictures. There is also more space and varied color configurations which can give the phone a whole new look. Like the iPhone 7, this too has the much in demand water resistant feature which is likely to excite many. But, there still isn’t much that has changed from Apple’s previous phones. However, it is much more expensive than all previous editions of iPhones so the question remains whether it is worth all that money? With a similar design and many competitors in the market, it is a tough call. Hopefully, with a detailed review, as given below, you’ll gain more perspective about whether this phone is the best for you.


Design - The design has nothing new on offer. It is practically the same as all the previous versions. The phone does not have an earphone jack, which might pose to be a problem for many. The only distinguishing feature is that this phone has two rear cameras. Available in colors like black, jet black and red means more ways of showing off the sleek aluminum frame of the trendy iPhone. The matte black is the sleekest option out there while the red turns heads most often. The lack of a headphone jack means you can no longer invest in fancy normal earphones. The iPhone does pack in ear pods for your convenience and an additional adapter in case you are hell bent on using the plug in headphones. However, the inconvenience is a real factor as the number of Bluetooth options isn’t too many and some of us are very fond of the goof old comfortable headphones.

Hardware and Software Features - The iPhone packs in the usual accessories of the charger, ear pods, and a lightning cable. The only addition is an analog adapter which can be used to connect headphones to a 3.5mm jack, but on the whole might be an additional baggage. Air pods aren’t sold with the phone, please note. You need to buy those separately. The phones weighs 188g. The glass is scratch resistant and smudge proof, which might come in handy for many. The waterproof factor still remains the most attractive bit of the iPhone 7 plus. The fingerprint censor remains.

A faster chip is definitely an added bonus. The IOS 10 boasts of many new features. It continues to be very user friendly and convenient to use. The new chip is also super-fast and speed isn’t something you’ll complain about in this new phone.

Performance - Amongst all the ones that we tested, this phone was the fastest. Faster, even after loading games, multitasking and more. The phone’s 3GB RAM and four cores, the entire processing is much faster. The game play in all the ones that we tried was much faster. The phone refused to slow down after many intensive multitasking sessions. With speakers on both the top and bottom, the overall sound experience is a lot smoother. The jack not being there might be a constraint for music lovers. The 3d touch works in more options and formats now. The overall performance boost is clearly noticeable.

Battery - If used in an average fashion, the phone works well for one full day. This is in case of moderate use and will differ according to personal use. The phone however, will need an overnight charging. This can be called a pretty good battery life. This is an improvement from the other iPhones but the jump is considerable jump. The chip and its lesser power consumptions helps the phone last longer. With someone who uses the phone for music, slight bit of gaming and social media, the phone lasts a considerable amount of time.

Camera Quality - The dual camera, with both a telephoto and one wide angle lens, the phone is definitely a notch higher up in the zone of mobile photography. The front camera with 7MP is pretty good too. The phone is definitely better in the contexts of low light scenarios. The point and shoot feature remains and no major camera modifications are not permitted. The 2x zoom is an added bonus. Underwater photography brings in a whole new aspect of photography. The phone maintains its name amongst the top phones for good photographs. The clarity, sharpness and color brightness remains commendable.

Price - The prices of the iPhone 7 plus have gone down a lot after the launch of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. The big question of whether it is worth it remains. It is definitely a couple of steps further than all predecessors but the leap isn’t that huge. The phone however, avoids the constant of fear of dropping the phone in water, scratches and smudges. This can act like a mental boost for many. The prices aren’t very high if you compare it with top models of other brands. The amount you have to pay for the whopping 256 GB is extremely high, but a 32 GB won’t cost you much and is worth considering.

Conclusion - The phone is good overall but not quite so, if you compare with its previous models. If you are someone who is loyal to the brand and wants from a 4S or something, this phone is a good option to look at. But if you are iPhone 6 user, this phone will not feel like too much difference. For shutterbugs, gamers looking for enhanced graphics and movie or music enthusiasts can safely invest in this phone. However, if there is a budget crunch, the iPhone 7 is a better option as this is several notches better.


  1. Dual camera
  2. Battery life
  3. Dual speakers
  4. Waterproof
  1. Absence of the 3.5 mm jack
  2. No innovation in terms of design
  3. Price

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(1 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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