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Apple Iphone 7

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The iPhone 7 would have stolen the limelight entirely if it released in the same year as the iPhone 6. It is a slightly better version of the previous iPhone, with notable improvements in areas like camera features, water resistance, fast innards and battery life. The speakers are improved but it does not have the headphone jack. While removing the headphone jack is a look into the future, it might not go down well with all customers. The 12-megapixel camera will see shutterbugs being happier. However, the upgrades aren’t very pronounced and the drop-in prices of the iPhone 6S definitely makes it a steal in the market right now. With no stark improvements or modifications in design, the battery life isn’t long enough. If you put the phone in comparison with android phones in the market, it will face severe competition. In short, the iPhone 7 is a small step forwards and on the whole might not be worth the hefty price tag it comes with.


Design - In the context of design, the most prominent feature is that it is water resistant. Which means you can try out a couple of your underwater experiments now.

However, resulting from the water-resistant feature, is that the phone does not have a headphone jack. This is a leap forward in the technological aspect with Apple realizing that the era of traditional headphones is over and it’s time for the new. It is questionable about how people will react. Some find it inconvenient to get used to the ear pods. For the others, you have to connect a dongle to their headphones and then plug them into the lightning port. It also means that you can no longer invest in traditional fancy earphones and headphones with bass and other enhanced features of your choice.

The display is more colorful and vibrant. The size is 4.7’’. Another new color, red, has been added, which might generate a lot of interest and excitement. Overall, the waterproof is a novel addition as the other features are widely available in the market.

Hardware and Software Features - The RAM is 2GB which is good enough. The phone comes with anA10 Fusion chip which is the shiniest and biggest that iPhone has ever used.

The iOS 10 is said to be one of the best ever. A visually appealing interface and a new version of Siri has been appreciated by most. One important addition is that the “slide to unlock” feature has been done away with as the touch censor work well enough.

Dual speakers ensure a great audio experience while showing friends videos and more.

Performance - The iPhone has four cores, two which are high performance ones, and two others that consume a lot less power.

Like the iPhone 6 it continues being lightning fast. The speed isn’t something you’ll complain about, but it isn’t something you haven’t witnessed before either.

It is however a slightly more efficient processor which does consume lesser power.

Battery - The battery is slightly better than the previous one and according to Apple, it is about 2 hours longer. The headphone jack was apparently removed for a bigger battery.

Overall, a general consensus is that the iPhone 7 runs for about 10 hours while the 7 plus can go on for around 12 hours. Of course, the longevity depends on personal use but these are the general values with moderate use.

It gets charged fairly quickly. On an average, a user can expect up to 25% charge in half an hour which is good enough.

Overall, the battery life doesn’t match up to competitors in the market but is definitely better than all previous versions from the brand.

Camera Quality - Coming to the camera, this is one of the crucial features which has seen significant improvement. Shutterbugs will be happier with this phone.

A 12 MP back camera and a 7 MP front camera are both upgrades from previous editions.

Pictures in low light come out really well, which is a great bonus. You need not worry about low lighting at candlelit dinners and dimly lit nightclubs. This is enabled by the f/1.8 aperture of the camera.

The 7 plus boasts of a dual camera but this version does not have that. Beware of this, as many tend to confuse the two.

The retina flash will be a loved feature amongst selfie lovers.

Colors remain natural and the usual good photos remain a constant with this iPhone. The brightness is better and the sharpness is more or less the same.

There are no in built features that can help you tweak images.

Price - The launch price of the iPhone 7 was INR 60,000. As of 2017 November, after the launch of iPhone X, you can get it for around INR50,000. The price also depends on whether you go for the 32 GB, 128 GB or the whopping 256 GB. You need to do your research well and search for the best deals before investing to get the best offer.

Conclusion - Overall, the iPhone 7 is a small enhanced version of the iPhone 6. The big price difference might not be worth it. The improvements are not very big and the only added bonus is the waterproof feature. This camera is a good buy for shutterbugs who want to try underwater photography. The phone also lacks the headphone jack which might prove to be a huge disappointment for many. The user experience might be slightly enhanced but the look and feel remain similar to previous versions. Dual speakers are a big added bonus. The 7 plus has several added camera benefits which this phone does not. Overall, it is a good phone but if you are already using a iPhone 6 or your budget isn’t too high, don’t opt for this. Otherwise phone won't disappoint.


  • Water resistant
  • Good cameras with 12MP back camera and 7MP front camera
  • Dual speakers
  • No significant improvement in battery life
  • No headphone jack
  • Similar design, look and feel

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(2 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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