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Apple Iphone 8 Plus

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The iPhone 8 plus is an innovation and a step forward in the world of technology. With dual lenses, a longer battery life, impressive performance and wireless charging options make it’s a game changer in many aspects. The dual camera, introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus remains in this ones, making it a good phone for photography. It is a good phone for those looking for an upgrade from a much lower iPhone. However, the iPhone X is already in the market, and has been the talking point of the town for long. So it might be a good option right now, considering that prices might go down. The memory spaces offered are higher, 64GB and 256GB. At the release price, you could buy a MacBook some years before, but now the prices are much lower. Hopefully this detailed review will help you gain perspective about whether this is the phone you’ve been waiting for.


Design - Like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, there seems to have no big innovation in terms of design. The iPhone 6 seems to be the set template which has only been tweaked around a little bit. The phone has a 5.5 inch full HD display, which is the same as the iPhone 7 plus. The phone is available in the market in three colors – Space Gray, Gold and Silver. The back side of the phone is what sets it apart from all its previous editions. The phone has a glass back, in contrast to the aluminum body that all previous iPhones have had. The wireless charging option that the phone boasts of is enabled by the glass back. The glass back also adds a sleekness to the overall appeal of the design of the phone. The 202 gms weight makes the phone a little too heavy and difficult to use with just one hand. The glass enables a better grip in the hand. The phone overall maintains a similar design like its predecessors and gives the iPhone X all the space to get attention, design wise.

Hardware and Software Features - A 3GB RAM and 6 core processors make the iPhone a very fast device. Two of the chips are high power cores while four are moderate power ones.

The iOS 11 is also very good to use. Fastness and ease of use mark the version. The most unique factor that the iPhone has is the kit that is a virtual reality platform. This is a major leap ahead in the world of technology. With this, users can point their camera at ordinary objects and see them getting transformed. Augmented reality can help transform skies into constellations even during the day, kitchen tops into battle grounds and more. Interactive features make this aspect of the iPhone 8 plus something watching out for. The force touch feature and a customizable control centre are distinctive different features of the iPhone 8 plus.

Performance - The performance will leave almost leave no room for complaints. It is true that some phones in the market are coming up with 10 cores or 8GB RAM, but in reality, is all that even required? Even while you play 3D games, multitask with several apps open, and test out AR, there seems to be no lags or anything to complain about in the iPhone 8 plus. There also exists the newly introduced Bluetooth 5, which allows a user to control more than one device at a time and also lets him transmit data over longer distances. The dual speakers, one on top and one of the bottom makes for a pretty good audio experience.

Battery - The battery is in fact smaller than that of the iPhone 7 plus, but after the overall hardware and software optimization, the phone battery seems to last longer. The phone goes on smoothly for over one full day with moderate use. With social media platforms, camera usage, games and more, the phone seems to last over 35 hours, which is brilliant. Only use of AR brings down the battery rapidly.

Camera Quality - The dual camera, as introduced in the iPhone 7 plus continues being there in the same way in this phone. There are two lenses, one wide angle and one telephoto lens. The point and shoot feature contuse to be one worth admiring and the photos are sharp and bright, like most iPhones. However, on the whole there is no stark differences from the iPhone 7 plus in terms of picture quality. For shutter bugs looking to invest in an iPhone for the sake of pictures but are on a budget, can definitely go for the iPhone 7 Plus. In this regard. However, the processing process has artificial intelligence, which enables the phone to produce slightly better results. However, the phone still does not allow too many changes in camera settings. The contrast, brightness and saturation is well balanced in the pictures. The video features are a little more enhanced as this phone allows 60 frames per second and 4K resolution.

Price - The launch price was over HKD 5988, which is a lot. However, the performance of the phone overall does make up for it. The iPhone X is much costlier and this might be better option for those not having that budget.

Conclusion – The iPhone 8 plus is a good phone which shutterbugs, music lovers and tech freaks will really enjoy. The changes in design aren’t too much but with a prolonged battery life and better features, the phone is not a bad option. The absence of the headphone jack is still something that needs to be kept in mind. The phone runs smoothly, but the price tag is still a lot. For Apple loyalists looking for a new phone, this is a good option.


  • Long battery life, lasting over 35 hours with normal use
  • Dual camera, with great image processing
  • Dual speakers
  • Wireless recharge
  • Good video quality
  • No audio 3.5mm jack
  • The price
  • No design modifications as such
  • Heavier in comparison

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