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APPLE Watch SERIES 3 Review

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Apple Watch Series 3 is a Third Generation Smart Watch. Surface of the watch is quite similar as of the earlier series with a minor update to the product lineup. There are not so many changes except some improvements. The Watch series 3 is available in two forms – one with cellular connectivity onboard, and one with just GPS. For both, there’s an all-new chipset inside as well as some key new features on here. You have option to connect your watch to a cellular network, which doesn’t require you to keep your iPhone always nearby.

The red dot on the digital crown indicates the added cellular connectivity in this series 3. You have option to connect it to either iPhone or to the cellular-network. Cellular connection works well for phone calls, emails, messages and Siri. Watch bands are comfortable, stylish. Battery life of the watch is good. It has new processor and you’ll notice the increase in speed with that.

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Apple Watch Series is totally a piece of mind. Cellular functions of the watch allow you to always connected with your phone, in situations where you might not use your phone. With the watch you will always be connected to whatever notifications you are receiving, without depending on your phone.

Let’s take a Quick review of Apple Watch Series 3:


Design of the series 3 is identical to earlier series 2. It has square shaped 42mm display. Watch band is comfortable to wear and stylish. Series 3 has new colours, strap. Colours like black, gold, silver aluminum are available. What’s new is now it has gold aluminum finish, along with silver and space black stainless steel, and a new Sport Loop with one noticeable change i.e. red button on digital crown.

Two variant are available for apple watch 3 series, one is with GPS and the other with LTE/ cellular connectivity. Red button in this series shows cellular connectivity. Water resistant feature in series 3 is same as there was in series 2. Well, wow all these things make this apple watch an absolute eye catching product. You provide the fashion sense; Apple provides the palette of choice.


It has new S3 dual-core processor runs the show with a 70% speed hike over the previous generation, and a W2 wireless chip delivers improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It has built-in GPS and water-resistance to 50 meters. It uses most efficient network nearby for the constant streaming of data.

There’s also a storage bump from 8GB to 16GB with Series 3, but only if you buy the LTE model. Music now syncs more easily. A new Apple Watch face, Explorer, shows signal strength as from one to four green dots. Otherwise, signal strength pops up in the swipe-up control center. Its cellular connectivity makes it a special watch. For the cellular functionality, you need to pair your apple watch with your iPhone, after pairing your cellular connection will be active on your watch. You can easily access your contacts and can place a call or a message or can access to various apps.


Apple’s flagship feature in this model is cellular connectivity which says freedom of cellular. That means you are always connected to your phone through your apple watch, whenever you get an important message, call or any notification. So this is the new wonderful thing in this apple watch series 3 which separate it from the earlier series.

Also it has water resistance to 50 meters. The Apple Watch communicates to the outside world in three steps. It looks for your iPhone first, if not will try pairing via a Bluetooth connection if it's nearby. If not, it jumps to Wi-Fi. If neither of those options are available -- say, if you're out hiking -- the Watch then enables LTE cellular, which is otherwise switched off to conserve power. It is truly a most powerful Smartwatch, you feel totally liberated.


Apple watch series 3 finds a good network for you so that there is no interruption while you are streaming data. It switches automatically between Bluetooth, WI-Fi and cellular. That auto-switching is managed by Apple's new W2 wireless chip. It saves some battery life, but it takes getting used to. LTE cellular is otherwise switched off to conserve battery while there are other options available.

Battery can be last for a day depends upon LTE usage as it consumes much battery. Battery life limitations severely curtail phone calls and GPS-aided workouts.


Apple watch series 3 is a most expensive version of the apple. But as well as it a most elegant version which makes your life and work so easy. With its new processor you can run all the applications through your watch and can place phone calls, check e-mails and use calendar without your phone.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 3 Price in India is Rs. 31,900­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­. Which is infact expensive but spectacular.


The LTE model has a slightly thicker back cover and a red dot on the Digital Crown. Watch 3 series has new Gray and White Ceramic with some other technical updates. It will become part of your life after you started using it. After all you will not need to keep your phone near you or holding it all the time as only you need to do is wear your apple watch on your wrist.

But what will disappoint you is that apps can’t be installed directly from the watch. There's no camera. You can’t tweet, add destination while using Uber or watch videos. And you still need an iPhone to set it up and get the most out of it. Finally, it is a most comprehensive, most elegant and a truly powerful watch but you're more limited, too.

Below are some pros and cons of Apple Watch Series 3: Pros:
  • It has super-bright excellent display.
  • It has decent battery Life, when not reliant on LTE..
  • Improved exercise tracking.
  • Apple pay in the watch is very useful.
  • Siri doesn’t work always.
  • LTE has a big impact on battery life. No LTE roaming.
  • It’s more expensive than non-LTE apple watch series.
  • You need to wait for the apple music streaming.

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