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Since a year Oppo has been launching smartphones that fit the budget of every individual. Oppo has always been coming up with new kind of smartphones that have something unique and makes it stand apart from the others in the market. Be it the rotati…

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Since a year Oppo has been launching smartphones that fit the budget of every individual. Oppo has always been coming up with new kind of smartphones that have something unique and makes it stand apart from the others in the market. Be it the rotating camera or the Quad HD display, Oppo brings something unique in each of the phones. Oppo R5 has been released in the Indian markets and has got a huge response from the people here. The phone looks extremely gorgeous and is quite impressive to attract your eyes. The slim impressive metal clad phone is full of utility features that make it stand apart from the others. Weighing 155grams and 4.85mm, the phone is gorgeous and clad in super thin metal. So you can easily hold the phone within the grip of your hands. Performance wise, the phone is quite good if you do not run too many apps on it.

The phone has all the necessary utility features that make it quite a popular one in this domain. Though sometimes the phone performs quite sluggishly and its thin frame easily heats the phone to a great extent. Still this smartphone gives a competitive edge to the iPhone and attracts the Android owners a lot. The design, the performance of the phone combines with the awesome display makes this a highly reliable smartphone that does not burn a hole in your pocket. So get ready to get the best of smartphones at a rate within your budget. The bottom line is that the phone looks quite elegant and has got the slimmest tag, but needs to work on certain areas to make it a perfect one for your needs.


The steel handpolished frame combined with the back brushed frame is what you will love a lot. Measuring 4.8mm in  thickness, you will feel quite good when you hold the phone in your hand. The slim factor is the plus point of this phone that makes it unique amongst the others. Although it has a slim factor, due to the lack of the 3.5mm audio jack the rear camera protrudes slightly on the rear side.  The volume and the power keys are at the right while the micro-USB port of the phone is at the bottom. Be it the steel finish of the phone or the gray matte finish of the phone on the rear side, the phone looks premium and gives you a good grip when you hold it in your hands. The 5.2 inch display of the smartphone comes with thin bezels at the right and left while the top and bottom bezels are quite thick. The flat steel edges of the phone have the microSIM card slot on the left while the earpiece speaker is at the top. Overall, the phone is quite impressive to look at and hold in the grip of your hands. The 5.2 inch  super AMOLED display lets you view lifelike images that are sharp and very much accurate. The screen resolution is of 1920x1080 pixels and produces vibrant colors that you will love to view. Watching movies, or reading text is quite a pleasure because of the AMOLED display that makes you view HD quality pictures and images.

Hardware and Software Features:

Integrated with the octa-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor the phone works pretty well and is quite swift in operations. With 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage you can store photos, videos and music quite conveniently. The phone does not have an expandable storage option as it lacks the microUSD card slot. So you have limited option when it comes to memory of the phone. Coming to the software part of the Oppo R5 smartphone, the phone is powered with Android 4.4 with a ColorOS UI skin on its top. This OS has its own set of apps that are very different from the normal Android ones. The theme, background and some of the menus are quite different and is quite an improved one from the version that was fist launched by the company. Overall the phone is good in terms of hardware and software features except the fact that you have to install apps keeping in mind about the storage.


At times, the ColorOS skin tends to behave a bit sluggish if you install too many apps. You may notice delay while you are trying to open multiple apps at the same time. Sometimes the camera app does not open easily and take some time when you tap the icon with your finger. Again many of apps take time to open and the notifications drawer opens when you tap at twice. These are some of the flaws that frequently come up when you use this phone. The company is trying its best to resolve these issues and make the phone swift in the operations. The call quality of the phone is really good and you can hear even when there is too much of noise around you. You won’t face any call drops while you are calling and the ear piece speaker is loud enough to let you hear inside the train. Even at maximum sound level, the speaker is loud enough and does not distort at all. You can run heavy apps on this phone but after some time the phone gets heated up. Overall the phone is quite good in performance if you do not run too many apps at the same time.


Integrated with a 2,000 mAh Li-polymer battery, the phone does not drain out of charge too often. It is seen that 5inch plus phones are powered even by 3000mAh batteries. So it is not the battery that makes the difference but the charger that marks the difference. The 5A VOOC charger is really a great one that takes the charge of a phone from 0 percent to 100 percent in about 1 hour 15 minutes. This is something really great as you can charge the phone so fast without any kind of hassle. Once you are addicted to this kind of speedy charging you will not like the generic chargers that take time to charge your phones. One moderate use of the phone, the charge will last for a full day. The phone comes with power saving modes that can extent the battery life to a great extent. Overall you can say that the battery life of the phone is okay, but it is this awesome charger that makes the difference.

Camera Quality:

The rear camera of the phone is 13MP while the front camera is of 5MP. This makes you click the finest of pictures that have high clarity. Whether it’s a good quality picture or a selfie, you can click anything and everything as per your wish with the help of this awesome camera. The settings menu gives you access to a number of modes that will help you to click high resolution pictures. Be it the UltraHD mode, colorful night mode or the Expert mode-you can get a variety of modes to click pictures as per your convenience. So overall the performance of the phone is quite good and can meet your requirements with a lot of ease.


Overall the phone Oppo R5 is quite good in terms of the performance and the design of the phone. The 4.85mm form factor is something that makes the phone unique from the others and the performance of the phone is good for everyday use. The display of the phone is really good and the quick charge feature makes the phone awesome and appropriate enough to purchase it. The price of the phone in India is Rs.29,990 which is quite a reasonable one when compared to the features and its design. The phone has already created a rave in the Indian market and is expected to get a huge response from the customers here.


Overall the phone is quite good and it has all the features that make it a good one for daily use. The slim factor, the smart charger, the camera-everything is really good to make this phone a part of your daily life. Overall it is a good buy for people who love to get a phone that is sleek enough to attract you and useful enough to meet your needs. The pros and cons of Oppo R5 are as follows:


  • The sleek metal frame is quite thin and well built to give it an attractive look
  • The super AMOLED display of the phone provides sharp and accurate images which makes the display quite good
  • The 5A VOOC charger is one of the main attractions of this phone that charges the phone at a very fast rate.


  • The phone is integrated with octa core processor still it performs quite sluggishly when you run too many applications on it.
  • The thin frame of the phone makes the phone devoid of microSIM slot or the headphone jack.
  • The camera of the phone takes quite a lot of time to start and it is highly slow at times.

The phone is good buy for people and is considered to be one of the most popular phones that people love a lot. The attractive design, the smart features, the awesome charger and the clear lifelike display is really amazing and good enough to be a part of your lives.

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Technical Detal


5.86 x 2.93 x 0.19 in


155 g


Micro SIM


1080 x 1920 pixels


Android OS, v4.4.4 (KitKat)

Internal Memory

16 GB, 2 GB RAM

Primary Camera

13 MP

Secondary Camera

5 MP


Non-removable Li-Po 2000 mAh battery