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Expedia Promotion Codes 2019Expedia Discount OffersOffers Valid Till
Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card PromotionHK$400 Discount on Flight & Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
Hang Seng Credit Card Promotion15% Discount on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card Promotion10% Off on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
HSBC Premier Credit Card Promotion15% Off on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
Mastercard Credit Card Promotion12% Off on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
Standard Chartered / MANHATTAN Credit Card PromotionHK$150 Discount on Flight & Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
HSBC Credit Card Promotion9% Off on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
Hang Seng Credit Card Promotion12% Off on Hotel Bookings31st Mar 2020
DBS Credit Card Promotion9% Discount on Hotel Booking31st Mar 2020
Amex Platinum Credit Card Promotion9% Discount on Hotel Booking31st Mar 2020

About Expedia

Synonymous with travel and travel bookings all over the world, Expedia is one of the first names that comes to mind when planning a vacation. Starting off as a subsidiary of Microsoft, today Expedia is one of most renowned travel portals in the world. Be it booking hotels, flights, tour programmes or any other travel activity, Expedia’s vast network of hotels and service providers caters to every need and budget. Based out of Washington, Expedia has a global presence across more than 30 countries, spread across all major continents of the world. Carefully crafted to suit individual or group needs, Expedia offers enticing promotions and discounts to make your travel cheaper and more convenient- Expedia Code, Expedia Discount Code 2020 and the Expedia Credit Card Promotions, to name a few. Needless to say, then, Expedia should be your first port of call when planning to get the best deals for your next vacation!

Equipped with global expertise, Expedia also offers its travel-simplifying services in Hong Kong. With a dedicated website -, planning your next trip to Hong Kong and getting around the place is a breeze! Right from the time when you land, till the time you depart with a lifetime of memories, Expedia’s exclusive Vouchers and promo codes help you get the best value for your buck. Since Hong Kong packs in so much to do, tourists and visitors are usually in a fix over what to see and what to skip, owing to constraints. But that need not be the case anymore because we bring to you the best deals and services on offer from Expedia Hong Kong. Right here, we have carefully curated and compiled all the latest Expedia promotion code 2020 and discounts available on Right from Expedia discount codes to get you great offers on your hotel and flight bookings, to various Expedia Credit Card Promotions, we’ve got you covered. Your arrival experience is made sweeter by Expedia Asia Miles, and your stay is made easier by the plethora of Expedia exclusive offers and Expedia promo codes. All deals and offers, brought to you from the official Expedia Hong Kong website. With us around, be rest assured that you get the best of Expedia in Hong Kong.


Amongst the most coveted and desirable tourist destinations in the whole of Asia, Hong Kong has always had an allure that draws people from all across the globe. It's the perfect melting pot for the British and Cantonese influences in the region. With everything for everyone, this is one destination which always makes it to every traveler's bucket list!

Helping visitors to have the best possible Hong Kong experience, Expedia has a strong presence in the region. From an Expedia Hong Kong website to tie-ups and partnerships with major hotels, airlines and other travel service providers, Expedia leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that travelers get value for their buck.

Expedia Hong Kong is your one-stop solution to your Hong Kong queries. Users can avail the best deals on hotels in the city, get Expedia Air Asia miles when arriving via Air Asia, use Expedia code HK to avail exclusive discounts and find a suitable tour programme that fits their needs and biggest. All thanks to Expedia's excellent operations in Hong Kong. All major hotel chains, flight operators and tour operators are covered by Expedia. Services like cruise bookings and vehicle rentals too are covered.

Latest Expedia Promotion Code 2020 and Deals

As mentioned, Expedia HK is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs in Hong Kong. is dedicated to operations in the area and helps both tourists and the locals of Hong Kong to get the best deals on holiday packages, thanks to exclusive Expedia Discount Codes and area-specific Expedia Discount Code HK 2020

. Expedia Discount Coupons

Hotel bookings through Expedia are extremely popular too, owing to the vast coverage of almost all major and minor hotel chains, and Expedia Hotel Discount Codes and MasterCard Promotion that's exclusive to the platform and its users. Users can browse and check Expedia affiliated and partner hotels all over the world and conveniently book their stay.

Your flying needs are also looked after well at Expedia, with a dedicated flight booking engine provided in the website. Just enter your arrival and departure dates and you instantly get the best value for money deals.

You can filter results on the basis of guest ratings, average price, browse pictures and get the best accommodation deals thanks to the exclusive Expedia hotel discount codes. All these features translate into great savings for travelers, make their experience hassle-free and they, in turn, write heartfelt testimonials about the great services of Expedia Hong Kong.

Getting the Best out of Expedia HK:

Expedia Travel Offers

Expedia HK is the leading travel services platform in Hong Kong and due to its vast network and user-friendly schemes, very popular amongst the locals and travelers. Hence, to get the best out of the Expedia platform, it is imperative for users to sign-up on the platform by creating an account. With easy steps and multiple singing-up options, the process is a breeze. Once ready, your account is the gateway to the best of Expedia. Hotel bookings, tour and travel planning, booking services and flight tickets, everything can be done through your account on To save time, users can securely save their payment options and avail the best offers and deals. The Payments page on the platform reveals all the trending and active Expedia promotion codes and Expedia vouchers, which can be used to make your deal even better. Certain payment modes will allow you to unlock special discounts like MasterCard promotion discount and many more.

Get Top Expedia Mobile Promotional Offer at Expedia App

Keeping up with the times and today's tech-savvy travelers, Expedia had the foresight to develop and launch a Mobile application of the platform, available on all major and minor operating systems and platforms. Light, easy-to-use and loaded with search-simplifying features, the Expedia app is quite a hit with travelers. With the ease of access on a smartphone, travel bookings were never more hassle-free! There are numerous discounts and deals that are app-exclusive and are available on for app users. Hence, apart from the currently active Expedia promo codes and Expedia vouchers, users of the app get exclusive deals and discounts on Expedia. Furthermore, certain Expedia hotel discount codes and other Expedia codes 2020 are minted only for the app.

Expedia Mobile App IOS and Android

The app brings all the features of Expedia HK on your mobile device. So you can now book flight tickets, check hotel rooms and book them and avail a host of other Expedia services, while also enjoying exclusive discounts. All of this has contributed to the Expedia app being a roaring success and amongst the top downloaded in its category.

Expedia Makes it All Simple:

Everybody wants to travel and explore new places, but are put off by the high cost of traveling and other expenses incurred. It is here that a platform like Expedia comes as a saviour. Not only does Expedia HK give you information on hotel prices, flight tickets, and other travel services, it also compares and presents the best deals and offers for the user. It also has various curated travel packages to bring down the total cost of the journey and accommodation. All around the year, offers and discounts are available on various hotels and flights only on Expedia HK. Expedia exclusive offers like Expedia discount code HK, Expedia Air Asia miles and Expedia hotel discount codes are unique to the platform and add to your savings.

Expedia Promo Codes

With so many offers and deals on Expedia HK, it becomes confusing for users when trying to choose the best possible deal for their travel needs. To simplify this, brings to you all the best offers from Expedia HK so that you may directly avail them through our website. All discounts, deals, Expedia codes, Expedia promo codes, Expedia vouchers and Expedia promotion code 2019 are displayed here and arranged as per the category they fall under. All displayed deals are thoroughly checked and verified and sourced directly from We did the hard work so that there's no stopping you from making great savings on your Expedia HK bookings.

Redeeming the displayed offers is easy and quick. Just click on the offer that you deem best for your needs, carefully read the offer terms and conditions with respect to its availability and usability and its expiration. Once you're satisfied, click on the link to avail the offer, and you will be taken to Once you select your booking details and fill up your preferences, enter the code in the provided space on the Payments page. The code will be redeemed, giving you the promised discount. It is worth noting here that there are different types of Expedia promo codes vouchers: some are applicable to all categories, while others are specific to flight and hotel bookings.

Verified Expedia Credit Card Promotions 2020

Expedia provides amazing discount offer for different credit card holders. You can get additional 10% off on Expedia booking if you are HSBC, Mastercard, Citibank, DBS, Amex, or BEA Credit Card holder.

Expedia HSBC Promo

You can enjoy additional Up to 15% off on hotel bookings if you have a HSBC credit card. This offer is valid up to 31 December 2020. All you need to do is to enter first 6 digits of HSBC credit card number and get discount coupon.

Expedia Mastercard Promotion

If you are a Mastercard holder, you are eligible to get additional 12% off on hotel booking. This offer is valid up to 31st March 2020. Enter first 6 digits of your card and get your Expedia Mastercard Promotion code.

Expedia Citi Bank Credit Card 0ffer

Citi Credit Cardholders can get 10% off on hotel booking. This offer is valid up to 31st December 2020. You can get your coupon by entering first 6 digits of your card.

Expedia DBS Credit Card Offer

If you have a DBS credit card, you can get 10% off your hotel bookings. Get DBS voucher code by entering first 6 digits of your card. Offer valid until 31st December 2020.

Expedia American Express Credit Card Promotion

For Amex card holder, Expedia provides 10% savings on hotel bookings. If you spend more than HK$2,000, you will get HK$100 cash rebate. This offer is valid till 31st December 2020.

Expedia Dah Sing Credit Card offer

For Dah Sing credit card holders, Expedia will give 10% off on hotel bookings. You need to get voucher by entering first 6 digits of your card. This offer can be availed till 31st December 2020.

Expedia Asia Miles: Giving you Something Extra

Apart from being a one-stop solution for all your travel booking and tour planning needs, Expedia HK also wants to make sure that your travel experience is truly memorable and you always get something extra.. With this philosophy at the core of its operations, Expedia HK has tied up with Asia Miles to broaden the host of facilities available for its users. Being Asia's leading travel and lifestyle rewards program, Asia Miles help travelers clock and earn travel miles, which when sufficient, can be redeemed for great discounts and deals at partner hotels and resorts, airline companies and many more. Any hotel or flight book made on Expedia gets you an assured number of miles. This feature comes in very handy for frequent travelers. Also, considering the vast network of Expedia affiliated hotels and flight operators across Asia, the user gathers miles that can be availed at a plethora of hotels across Asia and Hong Kong. The Expedia Asia Miles offers are exclusive to the Hong Kong and Taiwan region.

Expedia Hong Kong: A Name to Trust

In keeping up with Expedia's reputation of being an indispensable travel booking and planning tool, has carved out a niche for itself in Hong Kong. Great discounts, a large network of affiliated hotel and airline operators, and the quality of services provided had let to Expedia HK becoming a trusted brand in Hong Kong. The portal is now renowned for its excellent services and commands great trust and loyalty from its users. All of this is largely due to the tireless work done by the company in securing the largest possible collaborations with hotels, flight operators and tour programme companies, enabling users to be spoilt for choice while making a booking. All this backed up by a robust customer care mechanism which puts the user's interests at the top. All bookings made through Expedia HK are safe, secure and credible. All prevailing discounts, Expedia vouchers and codes are guaranteed and fulfilled by Expedia.

Expedia Hong Kong

Simplified search, satisfied customer:

Its booking and search facilities aside, Expedia HK has built a name for itself as a customer friendly company with a robust custom support and grievance redressal process. They've gone to great lengths to make their product as simple as possible for the user to use and understand. Right from booking hotels, to planning tours to using promo codes, everything is a child's play. Cancellations and other grievances are suitably redressed through specific processes. Their customer support can be reached at +852 3077 4857, where customer care executives are always happy to resolve any issue. Another way of contacting Expedia HK is by dropping an email to them, which is suitably answered. Most of these queries are addressed by the FAQ page on the portal.

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