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Gearbest HK

Gearbest Product Range

The online store offers an extensive inventory that is always regulated by store’s quality assurance, and it’s maintained with best possible monitoring for giving the best ROI for customers who shop from here. The main product for Gearbest is quality electronics products and quality fashionable products for men. The product lists keep on upgraded every day and that makes the customers completely amused for their shopping experience with Gearbest.

Gearbest offers three premium shopping processes for all its customers: these are Flat Rate Shipping, Standard Shipping and Expedited Shipping.

Payment Methods

Gearbest pays premium care for all its customer’s comfort, safety and security of their payment options. Besides complete customer care, the online shop offers multiple payment windows for the shopping process so that customers can pay the bill at their best comfort, and convenience. The most popular payment options are mentioned here:

Payment Method

Credit cards of visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Other than these two credit card options, American Express card is accepted as well as clients can pay using their PayPal account, which is a great facility for safe and friendly payment procedure. Other than PayPal, other processes for providing payment are Discover and bank transfer process by using debit card.

PayPal Credit facility is available for US Customers only. These customers can pay at the time of purchase or may pay over time (for order value up to $99).  If you are a US customer, you may enjoy interest-free payments if paid in full by next 6 months; the loan/credit approval process is fast and it has no annual fees.

However, it is always the best to contact customer care department of Gearbest for discussing about the most suitable option of payment for a customer. Often Gearbest accepts discount coupons and promo coupons. It is always safe to verify a coupon before putting it to redeem.

Shipping Facility

Gearbest has four exclusive shipping facilities and these are unregistered, registered, priority line and expedited shipping. Shipping time largely varies from one destination to another however, it is better to contact customer care for detailed information on estimated delivery time for a product for a specific location.

If chargeable, the price of shipping from Gearbest largely depends on the weight of the product, the origin, the destination, the shipping method, and the place of the warehouses, and some other allied considerations. Comprehensive pricing information is noticeable when a customer places and completes an order.

Warranty and Returns

All purchases on Gearbest are covered by return and warranty policy of this premium online store and the store adheres to all its promises if needed. A customer can return his purchased products in case there is fault in delivery, mis-matching of the product, or on simple dissatisfaction on its quality. However, thee claim has to be raised and reach at ware house by 45 days after the final receipt of the product at his/her address.

In case a product comes out faulty but repairable, you may ask for a complete repair facility from the shop, which Gearbest happily fulfills. All Gearbest products are sold with 1 year onsite customer care and repair service.

Free Subscription

Gearbest Free subscription

If you want to subscribe the free newsletter off the website, you can do it free of cost. In these cases, you can register your email Id and get the free subscription done.  This registration will help you to get all Gearbest shopping offers in advance in your mailbox. You will get Gearbest discount coupon, when you subscribe at their website.

Other Attractive Facilities of Shopping with Gearbest

gearbest latest offers and deals

Besides comfort and convenience, shopping with Gearbest is extremely rewarding for these reasons:
  • Availability of gift cards.
  • Gearbest discount codes and coupons for customers.
  • Facility of attending affiliate programs.
  • Get bonus for joining referral programs.
  • Joining at Pro program as tech guru and enjoy exciting prizes.

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