LukeandLilly Products: LUKE + LILLY's products are made with purely natural and certified organic elements and under no circumstances filler products like parabens, paraffin or PEGS are used here. All product recipes are free of artificial fragrance, color, and all types of preservatives. It is a socially responsible company and none of these products are tested on animals to harm them. The products are divided into two categories. One is Luke, which are meant for baby boys. Other range of products is for Lilly’s, baby girls. •    The Luke’s Range includes: Easy Style hair gel, Power Shower, Shiny Shampoo, Lucky lotion and lip balm. •    The Lilly’s range includes: Flower Shower, shiny shampoo, lovely body lotion, lip balm. You can use Luke and Lilly discount codes before making payment to get discounts on products. Uniqueness of LUKE + LILLY's products: ingredients    ` All of LUKE + LILLY’S products are prepared on organic Aloe Vera base, which is globally known for its moisturizing and soothing effects. Aloe vera extract is rich sin friendly minerals like zinc, calcium, selenium, and multiple vitamins and by any means it contains the least number of allergens. Additional raw ingredients found in LUKE + LILLY products: •    Almond proteins – ensures complete care for sensitive skin with gentleness, •    Organic chamomile extract and linden blossom extract, – soothe and protect skin •    Organic marigold –replenishes skin and support new cell generation, •    Organic sunflower – contains treasured substances which can protect skin from dehydration and dullness, •    All products are made with pure untreated mountain spring water as base, •    All products are produced with organically certified raw materials accumulated from local regions, •    Only natural fragrances from flowers and fruit are used for product production. All Luke and Lilly’s products are developed us by a manufacturer in Tirol, Austria. All raw materials for LUKE + LILLY products have been processed individually being carefully weighed and mixed by hand. Luke + Lilly Quality Standards: All LUKE + LILLY products are produced with pure organic ingredients. Ingredient like pure untreated mountain-spring water, organically-certified virgin raw materials from local regions, natural flower and fruit fragrances are used with best care and expertise. Instead of synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers LUKE + LILLY products use natural products like Coconut surfactants to add natural cleansing quality that offers excellent skin compatibility and quality that  is out and out biodegradable. Trivia: All LUKE + LILLY products are available in reputable retail outlets. However customers can order them online. Customers can mail at Email:, call: +49(0)1727431707, or may browse at