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The March of a Titan:

For generations now, the word Microsoft has become synonymous with computers and computing. Powering everything from computers to mobile devices to web services, Microsoft has always been a pioneer in revolutionizing the world as we know it today. Amongst the most trusted and used brands in the world, Microsoft provides cutting-edge solutions through their technology to help solve complex problems in a trice. Most popular for its Windows operating system, Microsoft is the staple for almost all technology and information technology companies around the world. Always looking to push the envelope in the world of technology and wanting to simplify work and communication, Microsoft has a brand presence that is the envy of both its competitors and the world in general. While Windows remains its best-selling product, work-related software like MS Office, Skype, the Surface range of tablets, its web services, and the XBOX gaming console are some of its most popular and best-loved offerings. Right from its inception, Microsoft has always been the harbinger of change and innovation. Starting off as Bill Gates’ dream, the company ballooned into the huge conglomerate that it is today, redefining the sector and blowing the competition out of water in the process. Be it your work-related requirements, your personal computing needs or your gaming Wishlist, Microsoft provides a comprehensive range of products and services to meet all your demands. All your Microsoft purchases can be made at Microsoft.com HK and delivered right to your doorstep. With special deals and region-specific Microsoft HK discount codes, user savings are maximized. All Microsoft HK discount codes 2019 and deals are displayed here on discountcodehk.com for users to easily choose and redeem while making their purchases. While Microsoft gives you the best in technology, we give you the best in deals and Microsoft HK discount codes.

While Microsoft is a tech-titan today, its beginnings were humble and very modest. Started in a garage in the summer of 1975, Microsoft was the dream of a young college drop-out-Bill Gates, to revolutionize the world of technology and computing that was still dominated by the bulky and monotonous IBM systems. Starting off by selling basic interpreters, the company finally arrived in the mid-1980’s when its MS-DOS operating system captured the market and blew the competition out of the water. It was followed up by the wildly successful and popular Windows OS. Never looking back from that point onwards, Microsoft went from strength to strength, revolutionizing the world of technology with its offerings and making the world an easier place to live in. Today, generations have grown up for whom computing is synonymous with Microsoft.

Expanding its range of offerings and diversifying its portfolio, today, Microsoft caters not only to computing systems but also has a host of other offerings like Skype, Cloud services, a range of laptops and tablet devices and the wildly popular Xbox gaming console. Not only has it stayed relevant, Microsoft has adapted and become stronger with the advancing years.

Offerings that Push the Limits of Innovation:

Acting as your portal to the exciting and amazing world of Microsoft, the Microsoft HK online store brings to you the latest and best offerings from Microsoft. All products, Microsoft solutions, and region-specific offerings are made available on the Microsoft HK web store.

The Surface range of laptop computers are the best offerings in the segment of portable computing. Backed by the latest Microsoft OS and technological features, the Surface range of laptop computers are for those who seek performance without compromising on style and utility. With processing power that puts the competition to shame, these are a must-have for all Microsoft fanboys and junkies.

The Microsoft Office Suite is a package offering of your all your favorite Microsoft offerings like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note. A complete solution to all your work-related computing requirements, this offering is a firm fan favorite and is present on almost all Microsoft systems. Office 365 is another offering which brings the same programs in your Windows device thanks to the power of the cloud.

All Microsoft authorized PC’s, licensed software for your Windows OS, OS updates and other utilities can be bought, searched and downloaded on the go. A dedicated support page offers excellent help and solutions to all your queries and requirements. Service and assistance have been made available on the portal, along with information of authorized service centers in Hong Kong. An exchange program has been started where you can get the best value for your old windows device and use it to get good deals on a similar new Microsoft purchase.

Students and learners can browse the education section on Microsoft HK online store to access Microsoft’s great education resources and help topics.

The latest and best deals are also displayed and users can avail discounts by using Microsoft HK discount codes and vouchers- conveniently available and displayed for ease of access at discountcodehk.com.

Getting the Best of Microsoft: Look Here, Save There

Not only does Microsoft HK bring to you the best of Microsoft, the site also provides exclusive regional discounts to make your purchases sweeter by helping you save money.

To help you get the best deals on your Microsoft HK purchase, we at discountcodehk.com display all the latest and best Microsoft HK discount codes and promotions that can be easily redeemed by users during their purchase. Listed by the respective categories, they can be redeemed by following a few easy steps:

  • Check out all the displayed codes and choose the one that you deem the best fit for your purchase.
  • Select the code by clicking on it. (Users are advised to read all terms and conditions related to the code)
  • You will be redirected to the official website of Microsoft Hong Kong.
  • Shop for your desired product, add it to the shopping cart and then enter the Microsoft discount code before payment.
  • If it is a deal/offer, you will not need any code. Discount will be automatically applied to your purchase.

Powering Your Mobiles Too:

In this age of technology, mobile-based computing and operations have stolen a march over everything else. Thanks to the evolution of the smartphone, users can now use it to pretty much everything that they’d do on a computing device. Since Microsoft has always been the one to stay ahead of the curve, it made sure to make its offerings available on all leading operating systems and app stores.

Skype, Office 365, Outlook, Edge and the XBOX app are some of the many apps made available for mobile devices. Designed specifically for optimal performance on mobile devices, these apps are a must-have in every mobile device.

For Windows devices, the Microsoft store is the go-to place to download all Microsoft apps and check out the latest offerings from the company. Purchases can be made on the go and software and tools installed directly on your device. All the power is now at your fingertips. To make the app more popular, Microsoft has also made available certain app-exclusive Microsoft discount codes and vouchers that can be redeemed at your purchase.

Customer Service and Assistance:

A customer care helpline number has been listed on the Microsoft HK site for easy reference of the customers: 3071 3709. Customers can reach out to the company and get assistance regarding the status of their purchases, delivery, return requests and other general information.

Users are encouraged to sign-up on the platform that allows them to receive the best offers, news and other latest information from Microsoft right in their mailboxes. There are registered stores across Hong Kong, which are pointed for pick up and collection of items that are purchased through the online site. One is also directed to these stores by the customer care representatives should they need to get their computers and other devices to be repaired and serviced.

Delivery, Refund Policies And More:

Purchases made on Microsoft HK come with a host of delivery options. A self-pick up service is available where users are asked to specify a store from where they wish to pick-up their orders at the time of placing the order. The order can be picked up by taking along the retail invoice to the store within three days of the purchase.

Home deliveries at one’s address are also provided at a delivery charge. These can be checked at the time of payment.

All order contents must be checked carefully before accepting them. There are specific terms pertaining to the refund of hardware as well as software items purchased through this store. These need to be gone through carefully. Further details can be obtained from the FAQ’s and by contacting customer care.

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