With the persistent aim to provide their customers with the new and original designs, River Island has the largest team on the high street. River Island Hong Kong is proud to deliver their customer with fabulous new and trendy fashion in-store and via River Island Online Shop for every single week. Almost all of their products are manufactured in-house and provides you with the perfect head-to-toe look. River Island HK Products River Island HK store provides its customers not only with clothing but with shoes and boots, and accessories too. Best known for its Dresses and Kimonos for ladies, the company has goodwill for Men's Suits, Blazers and Waistcoats. River Island Hongkong Products for Women
  • Clothing: Augmenting to the company's fame in Dresses and Kimonos, River Island delivers its customers with Tops, T-shirts and Vests, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Knitwear, Coats and Jackets, Jeans, Denim, Playsuits and Jumpsuits. Swimwear and Beachwear, Skirts, Trousers, Leggings, Shorts, Lingerie, Nightwear and Slippers, Socks and Tights, and Co-ordinates and Matching sets such as Oversized blazers with culottes, Hem jumper with midi skirts, and Studio High waist top with Hem Joggers.
  • Shoes and Boots: Sandals, Plimsolls and Trainers, Boots, Court shoes, going out Shoes such as backless loafers, espadrille wedges and pointed-toe heeled mules belong to River Island’s footwear collection.
  • Accessories: Bags and Purses, Jewelry, Watches and other accessories such as Hats, Scarves, Leather Gloves, and Umbrellas brighten up the company's collection.
River Island Hongkong Products For Men
  • Clothing: River Island HK is famous for its Suits, Blazers, and Waistcoats. Adding to its fame in clothing, they deliver their customers with T-shirts and Vests, Shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Jumpers and Cardigans, Tops, Coats and Jackets, Jeans, Shorts, Swim Shorts, Trousers, Chinos Joggers, Tracksuits, Underwear, and Socks.
  • Shoes and Boots: Loafers, Boots, Boat and Diving shoes, Trainers, Sandals and Flip Flops, and other shoes such as embossed Formals and Brogues.
  • Accessories: Bags, jewelry, Sunglasses and other accessories such as Wallet, Belt, Tie, Beanie, Hat, and Scarves.
River Island HK Products For Kids
  • Clothing: T-shirts and Vests, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Cardigans and Jumpers, Shirts, Suits, Trousers and Chinos for boys and Dresses and Outfit sets for girls.
  • Shoes and Boots: Brogues, lace-up ankle boots, Loafers, and Trainers for boys and high knee boots, Fluffy Sliders, Trainers, and Plimsolls for girls.
  • Accessories: Bags, Purses, Nightwear and Underwear, Pajamas and Loungewear, and other accessories such as Hats, Scarves, Belts, and Gloves.
River Island HK Offers River Island HK store is giving away an irresistible sale of up to 65% on clothes and various other products. The company provides their customers with exclusive offers on Dresses, Tops, Footwear, Knitwear, Skirts, Trousers, and Leggings. Clothing comprises Taper Jeans, Tux Jackets, Long-line T-shirts, Gym vests, Sports Bra and Gilets, and Belted Kimonos in their specialized section. The offers are available on both River Island's online shop www.zalora.com.hk/river-island and in physically available stores. Conclusion When it comes to Going-Out looks and Occasion wears, River Island is renowned for its stylish and affordable fashion. Currently operating in four currencies, they have six dedicated online sites such as www.riverisland.com which covers over 350 stores in UK, Ireland and throughout Middle-East, Asia, and Europe. So if you're devoid of fashion, 'It's time to get shopping!

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