We go with Wego!

Starting off in 2005, with operations based out of Singapore, Wego has grown to become one of the most reliable travel tool for travellers in the East Asia and the Middle East regions. Offering users, the convenience of automated search across multiple travel platforms and service agencies, Wego provides an embarrassment of riches to searchers, with a plethora of services that can be customized as per user requirements. The latest cutting-edge technology is employed to gather the search results from dozens of travel portals, international airlines and travel agencies, with the best deals and discounts displayed for user ease and convenience. The portal’s capabilities gather and fetch results from over 800 travel sites including Agoda, Expedia, and Hotels.com, and some of the leading international air carriers like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Air Asia and Qantas. A dedicated booking and search engine has been provided on the home page to allow users to enter their requirements and explore the generated results. To make search easier, the best hotels from the top cities and countries of the world and flights connecting them are displayed in a special section. Special provisions have been maintained to allow users to explore agents and portals which support their preferred mode of payment and there are no hidden charges or costs levied on bookings.

A travel tool like no other!

Presenting an impartial comparison and offering an exhaustive list of results for the user search queries, Wego empowers users with the freedom on multiple choices and gives them a plethora of options to make their ideal hotel/flight booking. Be it sourcing a deal directly from a travel service provider, a hotel, an airline or be it some third-party service provider, Wego’s search results are sure to provide the best available deals and offers. What’s unique about the search results are the manner in which they are arranged: For instance, flight ticket searches shall be displayed according to the cost of the ticket. However, users can also select the option of “quickest” or “best experience” to get a booking which best suits their needs. A host of filters are provided which allow users to get customized results and allow them to refine their search as per their needs. Similar provisions are made available for hotel bookings, with the best travel portals and the biggest hotel chains being searches across to fetch you your ideal room. Safe to say, Webo Hong Kong has made a name for itself among the travel freaks in the island. Not only does it work wonders for travelers and online hotel/flight searchers, it also allows brands and individuals to put their hotels on the Wego network, allowing them to grow their footprint and break new ground with the power of Wego’s colossal network. Big websites like Yahoo and MSN utilize its services for travel-related searches in the Asia-Pacific region.

A guide to better travel: The Wego Travel Guides

Tucked away amongst the Wego flight and hotel booking sections is the Wego Travel Guides section. Clicking on it leads you to the Wego travel blog- a carefully curated and designed travel blog that helps users to get heads up and important travel tips and information about how to get the best out of some of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. Dedicated efforts are put in to ensure that the blog serves as a useful travel planning aid, with numerous ways documented on how to plan your next holiday and make your vacation the best ever. Colorful pictures, detailed traveller diaries and custom picked recommendations are put up to engage the traveller community and extend the Wego platform’s usefulness from bookings to planning and tourist information. It is perhaps no surprise that Wego.hk/en is the preferred choice of millions of travellers.

Wego mobile:

Wego has also made available its services on mobile platforms, thanks to the Wego mobile application. Available to download from all major operating systems- namely Android and iOS, the Wego mobile app brings the power of augmented Wego search on your device. Travel searches, hotel and flight searches now require just a few touches of your device. Users can search, compare and make bookings on the go, without having to break a sweat. Simplify your results by using filters and make big savings on your bookings thanks to some app-exclusive Wego promotion codes and discount codes. Further, the app provides support in 20 languages, gives access to its loyalty program, and a unique hotel mapping feature- displaying relevant hotels on a search map.

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